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OK - time for an post!

I'm a Christian, a husband and a father of 4 (2 of each 🙂 ). I'm also a musician playing guitar and bass guitar mostly, although I'm limited in how I play these days due to . Huge rugby fan (Bath FTW!) and I dabble in Game dev in . Fan of anything Nordic - especially Icelandic. British. Remainer. Co-operative .

Still very much trying to figure Mastodon out - any tips on getting started/setting up appreciated!

geeky dev related post 

Idea subscription has expired and have to go back to "perpetual fallback" version. Which feels super old. And doesn't start.

Just been looking at the latest Kindle range. I really like the look of the new Oasis, but just don't think could ever be justified to spend £230 on an e-reader... and that's the cheapest one!

Looks like the glue in book bindings make them unsuitable for recycling... Wonder if we could get away with using them as log replacements on our fire...

Possibly, but there's still will the glue etc. in the binding

Trying to figure out how to recycle books - they're all old technical books and horribly out of date so there's no point donating them. Unfortunately all Google searches on the matter pretty much just come back with donating... 😕

I'm not able to join those campaigning for with @[email protected] today, but I really hope that today's efforts mark the start of a real push for genuine democracy.

It's not just in America that "unwanted" families are being destroyed. This is so heartbreaking. Makes me so angry.

Very excited about this evening's semi final - really believe the England ladies can do it!

Even by my standards today is a particularly unpleasant day wise.

OK - this was funny. Very good. Lol. Winter now please!

Alright Summer - you've had your fun. Off you go now...

Really struggling now that Discord is down! How did I ever get any done without it‽ It used to be OK to post on a forum and wait a few hours/days for a response - but now I've been spoilt!

Does anyone know if there's a vote threshold for today's conservative leadership vote and what it is? Or is it just last place gets knocked out now?

. @[email protected] is doing an excellent job of presenting himself as a leadership candidate. He seems unlikely to win, though, which is interesting because, imho, he's the most likely to beat Corbyn in a GE.

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