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dear readers,

this is the typical but very necessary message. if i ever fail to properly cw something or make an inappropiate toot, please tell me inmediately so it can be removed as soon as i read the dm.

now i'll pin this, sorry for any future inconvenients!

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oh i guess i usually do this so goodnight fedi! see you possibly not tomorrow!

i dont like the elitism some contemporary art has to it, like the vanguard had, you needed to know about the context in depth to get what it was about, which is not something everybody can easily get into. needless to say, some of it is really good at communicating a specific idea. our literature prof told us about a piece she saw at a museum. it was a wall full of clocks and a hammer hanging. i wasnt even there but that speaks to me. it wasnt just some "random thing".

ever since i've been *told* i'm going to canada i won't stop seeing tim hortons all around. im in spain. how the heck.

discord, mh (-), abusive rel 


waking up, mh - 


dissociation, personality talks 

dissociation, personality talks 

dissociation, personality talks 

what do you mean hiding domains does not actually stop them from getting into my home tl? america explain

tomorrow marks the midpoint of pride month when nonbinary folk will be at their most powerful

furries (+) 

i have a fursona but that's a secret. don't tell anyone.

Chest binders, exciting cool new thing (+++) 


asking for money, edinburgh folk plz boost 

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