man watching 2012 minecraft youtube videos of my favourite maps made me nostalgic.
...perhaps i do miss the 2012 summer nights

this is actually something i want to expand on. to me, it seems like the concept of "2012 summer nights" are universal. you can mention them and age won't matter, we seemed to collectively have a good time in 2012, or even if it wasn't so great we remember it with warmth in our hearts


just go listen to c418's sweden from the minecraft ost and feel the nostalgia, or go on the minigame pages you used to visit, play the music you used to listen, because pop music peaked in 2012. pop, or whatever was on the radio, really, but where's fun. now, where's gangnam style, call me maybe, good feeling, girl on fire... so many songs.

i can't be the only one saying this, i know i am not, and i just agree so much with other people, because i believe 2012 was universal, as dumb as it sounds. when people say "friend name: last seen 7 years ago" that hits many friends have you lost? how many stories have you forgot?

but life goes on, you know. now you enjoy other stuff, other music, you play minecraft every once in a while but there's other games too. how many friends have you met? how many stories have you lived and remember? how many people do you love? passion in 2012 is memorable, but it's within our power to make a great 2019 if we wish

and now truly, and many many days after the 1st of january, I wish you a happy new year, you all deserve it

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