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There are no try … catch blocks in bash for exception and error handling to say. So, how do you even start to handle errors in a way that none will escape and wreak havoc in the background hidden by silent a foreground that only appears okay.

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Leaders that are above the people cannot bring the people up. Only the leaders that are below can bring the people up.
Let's stop with the leaders being above culture; for our own good.

War brings not peace
Peace brings not war
Choose one - everyday of life

If there is something to be worship or trusted, the most appropriate thing that I found out for that role is the Sun, the center in which we revolve. Except God ☀️

Se há algo que sirva para ser adorado, esse algo é o Sol, o centro em que nós giramos. Tudo o resto parece-me adoração secundária ou insensata. Excepto Deus 🌞

I found this a while back. Don't remember who tooted it, but it's too good. 😂

Perdi a cabeça e juntei-me ao Mastodon :mastodon: . Estou a levar isto da descentralização a sério 😆 😜


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