Does anyone have a person who owns a 3D-printer? A have some little project role and a possible partnership.
Thank you ;)

The first program being made, said 'Hello World' . This shows the anscestror of today's machines are very intelligent, because it already had the notion of World! My machine it ain't that blessed

A natureza do I is saudade
The nature of I is saudade (missing one)

Hi Fedi people.

There is this girl who has jumped the gap between Facebook and Mastodon and I'm asking some of you to make her feel at home here on Mastodon. She is @EmpyreanDancer , likes cats and is a cute Portuguese.

May I just warn, that she may not be looking for love, if that is your intention.

Thanks for making Mastodon great for me

I do not know why major social networks like Facebook/Instagram, Linkedin, Minds, Twitter don't have open source mobile app and have their app available on an walled store, like Play Store. Their service is based on the open network of http/tcp . They will not like it one day, and will make their own network for a selected (few) ones :-P I do not know.

For people participating in the awesome challenge may I suggest adding their RSS feed to the Blogroll ( ).
For what I have read, this gives the opportunity for your post to reach a wider audience and be featured at page!!!
Will take on the challenge in the near future :blobcatsip: :blobcatcamera:

Does anyone know how to create polls in Tusky app?

Let me be clear here: I'm all for getting rid of master/slave in the context of disks, databases, DNS, ... the list is very, very long.

But when it comes to git, I always considered the term "master" in the same context as we use it in "master degree" or "master tournament".

There is no "git slave" after all, and that analogy wouldn't make much sense there.

While the transition phase may be a bit rocky, I'll happily switch to "main", though 🙂

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@fribbledom I wouldn't care if it weren't for idiots including them in zip files for distribution. What are they, anyway?

A lot of people are asking when the tarot deck ✨ ✨ will be released. It will still take a while. So far I've painted 40 cards. The (Kickstarter) release date is still - TBD. I have to take commissions in between to be able to continue. 💫 Art: Ace of Coins 🐘 #art #illustration #mastoart

RT @modacitylife
While the rest of the world wrings their hands over bike safety, the Dutch are quietly—and quite happily—living their lives on two wheels.

They are undeniable proof that cycling itself isn’t a dangerous activity; it’s the car-first street design that often makes it so.

If you use Git on a regular basis, start now using git aliases ❤️ On the long run it saves so much time. I also use alias g='git' in ~/.bashrc to use shortcuts like g l for git log or g c for git commit 😉 👌

#linux #sysadmin

Using it? Give me yours!

If there is something to be worship or trusted, the most appropriate thing that I found out for that role is the Sun, the center in which we revolve.☀️

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