Thanks for all the birthday wishes, stayed up until 4am watching Space Force 😁

Firefox learn great search skills 

Video of 'Firefox learn great search skills' is in here: 😉

Just changed my Peertube instance. It is not the smoothest process and I lost all my likes and followers and subscriptions. Video instance ownership transfers I understand not being implemented. Still, video likes and comments, followers, personal subscriptions migration is something that may need some work 😉

Switching from X to Wayland seems similar to leave planet Earth to other planet, just because planet Earth is older and planet Earth has more features and planet Earth is more stable and planet Earth is solid 😃 .org

git-issue — git-based decentralized issue management

git-bug — git-based decentralized bug tracker

via: @AbbieNormal

Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to #PeerTube's v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
▶️ info
▶️ share and support

Of course it would be the one that would take the most work 😅

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies solve a lot of problems with currencies. People will use cryptocurrency. :bitcoin:

Pinning this toot.

From time to time, my opinions change. I have to take in the information as I get it and make the best I can of it. Lots of times, I get it wrong. Hopefully I get more right than wrong. If you're reading through my old posts or toots, please bear in mind that they are a time capsule, a point in time reference to my thoughts at the moment. Those thoughts have likely changed, even if just a little.

After all, I'm only human. If you have questions about my thoughts, just ask.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is going to be the biggest game of the year!

Due to recent events, I forgot the 3 years old of #Fedilab. My bad.
The app grew up thanks to all your suggestions 👍

I'm really impressed with all the hard work @bensturmfels is putting into bringing back MediaGoblin. Thank you Ben <3


Hi all, I'm new at mastodon in general. I'm a lisper (mainly common lisp, novice schemer, love all the lisps). I work with Igalia's compiler team on WebAssembly formal spec and WebAssembly support in Firefox (c++). Free Open Source Software proponent, and free open knowledge for everyone. I am also a logician, used to work on set theory years ago.

Thanks @phoe for introducing me to functional cafe! Looking forward to fun times talking about any #lisp dialect.

I totally agree with you on publishing it on peertube.
You may want to watch youtube videos on ;) If you are on a Linux or BSD system, you can also watch with MPV ---> mpv <video_link>

If you just made a video tutorial and are now considering publish it to the internet, consider publishing on Peertube also or instead of Youtube. I am trying to adopt the keyboard driven that has no plugins and when watching a video on the Youtube I have no way to block Youtube's video ads. This type of ads are so annoying. You may agree with me

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