If you just made a video tutorial and are now considering publish it to the internet, consider publishing on Peertube also or instead of Youtube. I am trying to adopt the keyboard driven that has no plugins and when watching a video on the Youtube I have no way to block Youtube's video ads. This type of ads are so annoying. You may agree with me

I totally agree with you on publishing it on peertube.
You may want to watch youtube videos on ;) If you are on a Linux or BSD system, you can also watch with MPV ---> mpv <video_link>

@shellowl thank you for the reference and I do know that mpv and vlc can play Youtube's link (in the company of youtube-dl program). Still, besides those options, it is way better to solve the problem at the root. (what if youtube-dl stops working or Youtube has a great idea of making his video playback incompatible with ). So, if video producer/creator agrees, it may upload to Peertube. Also would reward and benefit the Peertube existence 😃

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