Does anyone have a person who owns a 3D-printer? A have some little project role and a possible partnership.
Thank you ;)

The first program being made, said 'Hello World' . This shows the anscestror of today's machines are very intelligent, because it already had the notion of World! My machine it ain't that blessed

A natureza do I is saudade
The nature of I is saudade (missing one)

@vordenken @grin @ekaitz_zarraga @Gina I heard a lot of talking about nvidia+linux not a good choice. There is also Linus Torvalds fliping the finger at Nvidia. I don't relate much to bad talking. I would like to know alternatives to Nvidia that are a good choice (and are well supported). Any Linux user knows this?

@markosaric Would like to read but there is a cookie-have-to-accept-or-dont-read policy

Hi Fedi people.

There is this girl who has jumped the gap between Facebook and Mastodon and I'm asking some of you to make her feel at home here on Mastodon. She is @EmpyreanDancer , likes cats and is a cute Portuguese.

May I just warn, that she may not be looking for love, if that is your intention.

Thanks for making Mastodon great for me

I do not know why major social networks like Facebook/Instagram, Linkedin, Minds, Twitter don't have open source mobile app and have their app available on an walled store, like Play Store. Their service is based on the open network of http/tcp . They will not like it one day, and will make their own network for a selected (few) ones :-P I do not know.

@nipos @blizzz was a bit crancky that day. and own blog should be the way to go :bread_wink:

@Gina Awesome! Walking there bare footed probably an awesome experience

@simon click on the right side where the time the toot was made to see such details :blobcoffee:

For people participating in the awesome challenge may I suggest adding their RSS feed to the Blogroll ( ).
For what I have read, this gives the opportunity for your post to reach a wider audience and be featured at page!!!
Will take on the challenge in the near future :blobcatsip: :blobcatcamera:

@Gina I am. Tell me more about it. (Profile peeking :blob_laughing: and possibly letting you know about it, without ever wanting). Does the organization you are working on have a website? :blobangel:

Does anyone know how to create polls in Tusky app?

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