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I don't have a political point to make here; I don't care about your affiliation, your party, or your vote; here's the only thing that matters this week for a huge number of Americans:

December 15 is the cut-off to register for health care at

Pass it on.

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Canada's Directive on Management of IT Dec 2018 update requires open standards and open source software to be used as a first option where possible #opensource

Happy Chanu-Kwan-Solsti-Mas, fellow Fedinauts!

Here's a little something that her divaness Mariah Carey released on CD back around 1994-ish, which you might enjoy:

I took my man out to the ’s historic DeGolyer building for the type of High he fondly remembers from his time in the . Then we had a stroll through their gardens. The formal garden was decorated in the theme of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

More photos:

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Calling all masters in the mystic art of gift-wrapping-fu:

Jubilee Park Community Center needs you to unleash your fabulousness and wrap gifts for delivery to area children in need.

Sat Dec 15, 9:30am-noon.

Enthusiastic amateurs and heterosexuals are of course always welcome.

Followed by a very lunch.


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In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

The ’s latest installment offered up a bit of “funny ‘cause it’s true” -commentary on social media:

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Get down and dirty with you favorite area -folk as we help clean up the shores of White Rock Lake. Followed by a very lunch.

Sat, Nov 10, 8am - noon.


to the latest constitutional (the Mueller Investigation into the ’s possible wrong-doing may have just been effectively killed) are scheduled around the country tonight, Nov 8th, 5pm local time.

The protest will be at Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla St.

From the announcement:

“We must all come out in force, rain or shine, to demand that Trump support the rule of law. We must protect and stand up for our democracy.”

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Free public astronomy event in Frisco, Texas (just north of Dallas) Show more

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The memories of my departed , -of-choice, and 49 others —some represented with photos, most represented in symbols— will be honored this Day of the Dead with some choice hipster at their .

I had to set up this altar early because there's no way I'll have time to set it up closer to the actual day.

Mastodonians outside the may not know that our Election Day is not, in fact, a national holiday, so we squeeze our in between our job(s). Also, depending on your district, getting to the nearest poll can be an adventure, especially if your primary mode of transportation is your own two feet. That hasn’t stopped me from , but I can see where it could stop others, so I like this:

Get down and dirty with you favorite area -folk as we help clean up the shores of White Rock Lake. Followed by a very lunch.

Sat, Nov 10, 8am - noon.


Dark-suited execu-ladies, marching in ferocious pumps. Sweat-drenched joggers, steaming in their spandex. Knit-capped night-shift laborers, blinking in the growing dawn. Backpack-toting students, taking selfies with their “I voted” stickers. Early is off to a lively start in downtown .

@JPEG I bought the Mast app, and it really is gorgeous. Great work!

I do however, have a big feature request: Can you give us the ability to quickly switch between different Mastodon accounts without logging out of one account to get to another? If you could see your way to doing that, I’d be able to use Mast as my default Mastodon client.

Thank you for all the effort you put into this app.

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