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Have you seen this list of alternatives to Amazon's offerings? Not all entirely free/open, but definitely some options to say "not Amazon"

Alan Turing, genius and father of modern computers, who helped break the Enigma in , will grace a very pink UK £50 note.

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Adobe Creative Cloud holds creative works hostage: if you stop paying the monthly fee or if Adobe's servers go down, you can't edit your work. Once you buy into the Adobe ecosystem, you're stuck there and forced to pay rent.

There are many free open alternatives which give you full control over your work without locking you down:

#Adobe #CreativeCloud #Alternatives

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Every last atom on this planet was either forged by nuclear reactions deep inside long dead stars, or was created by the birth of the Universe itself. That includes the atoms which make up every pebble, every oak tree, every lettuce leaf, and every human.

The Universe isn't merely some faraway thing which you only see when you look into the sky at night. It's also you.

You share that in common with everything you've ever seen, and everyone you've ever met.

“Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children”, Maxwell King’s article in The Atlantic, discusses the compassion and care behind Fred Rogers’ nine rules for communicating clearly with children:

I end up using variations on rules 1, 2, 6, and 7 when flipping instructions / policies for adults that contain punitive language.

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Estados Unidos lo vuelve a hacer y se lleva su cuarta Copa Mundial Femenina 🇺🇸🏆👏 #FIFAWWC2019 #USA #EUA #SOCCER #FUTBOL #FIFA

Since is going away 😟, I’ve once again fired up my copy of . It crashes a whole lot less now 👍🏽, looks as gorgeous as ever, and allows me to enter ALT text / captions with my photos 😃.

“We decided to end the service of for / on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.” :(

Jesus Chairez, host of the late-great “Sin Fronteras” language radio show, guest-wrote a story for the Voice about City’s special anniversary 41st Parade and “El Baile de Los 41” (“The Dance of the 41”):

Happy Belated Riots Anniversary, everyone!

Enjoy an article on the riots by chronicler of -ness, Andrew Matzner, from the late lamented GLBTQ Encyclopedia’s archive. Come for the knowledge, stay for the bibliography:

Join your friendly neighborhood when we help out at Minnie's Food Pantry in Plano, Texas.

July 13 2019
8am - 12noon


Followed by a very lunch.

Last night the Arts District put on a Block Party, with music in the streets and several museums staying open late.

The Dallas Museum of hosted -themed readings, lectures, a play, a live recording of the " is " , and even a kinda-sorta inside its galleries.

Enjoy a short video from the party just outside the museum:

Where to hear "History is Gay":

helps fund the Resource Center's programs. Your friendly will be helping set up the next one. Join us!

Station 4 (S4)
3911 Cedar Springs Rd
Saturday, June 15


Followed by visit to one of the nearby drinking establishments.

Scenes from last night’s March for .

Photo descriptions: People of all colors and genders, waving flags —many of them Trans Pride flags— as they march through the streets in the fading light of sunset.

One of my favorite renditions of “Crocodile Rock”, from 1978, when Elton John performed with the Show house band and a chorus of crocodiles in episode 39:

I'm recovering from marching in today's parade. For the first time ever, it was held in June (previously September, when a lot of history happened), in the Texas State Fairgrounds (previously our ), and televised by hetro media. Participation was massive, perhaps because of the anniversary, perhaps from a need to show in the face of recent attacks against people.

Enjoy some parade prep photos.

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