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lgbt folk in motorsport Show more

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Artist Frida Kahlo with her lover Costa Rican-born Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, 1945 #womensart

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Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

Chapter 4782 and Radio EcoLatino are hosting a forum for all the 2019 mayoral candidates.

Tuesday, Feb 12, 6pm
Texas Theatre
231 W Jefferson in Oak Cliff

Followed by a meet-and-greet at 8pm, down the block in Mercado369.


FYI, the is May 4, and April 4 is the last day to register to .

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Patrica Nell Warren, and , passed away last night in LA. She was known to many in our community for her now-classic novels “The Front Runner” and “El Bravo (The Wild Man)”, plus her historical “One Is The Sun”. I’ll always remember her as a warm, witty, scary-smart lady with boundless curiosity, who was always mentoring some kid. An amazing who took part in amazing times, we won't see another like her again.

A short piece by playwright and arts programmer Cody Daigle-Orians on “Respecting Creative Labor”:

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BUT it is not NECESSARY, it is not REQUIRED, and good god, it isn't something you need to pay for as a price of admission to even have anyone *consider* you seriously.

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It's great and fine if you love feedback from your writing group, your beta readers, your friends and partners. I personally feel there's a risk even to that – of creating to please a committee – but brains vary and I come from a very different mental landscape than a lot of us.

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And look, multiple drafts don't necessarily make something better! Sometimes the first draft has a rawness that can be gradually worn away, the more fingers touch it.

The Revolution, Brought to You By Nike, as published, is *the first draft.* There were only minor copy edits.

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That doesn't stop just because the two people are professional editors. Pacing, characterization, tropes, these can all be matters of taste.

You might be paying someone to make the people who might buy it LESS interested.

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The role of an editor is to look at the raw material you've created and help to shape it into something polished. This is a HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE task.

Anyone who's ever had a writing group will know two people can look at the same thing and give opposite advice on it.

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Writers, you do not need to pay for a professional edit before you even go on submission.

And doing so might actually make your book worse and harder to sell! Let's chat for a minute.

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Very cool! A view of the far side of the moon and Earth beyond it, from the Chinese Longjiang-2 satellite in lunar orbit.

#space #moon

Seven minutes to go in and we just got our first touchdown. Of course, the crowd here in the bar roared with considerably less enthusiasm than when Adam Levine took off his shirt during the halftime show, ‘cause you know, .

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