Somewhere in an old notebook of mine is a handwritten recipe describing all the components and rituals —and for all I recall, incantations— required to make some downright magical .

Somewhere in my home is that old notebook, so nondescript that most of the time your eyes involuntarily slide right past it.

Somewhere in my head is a ten-month-old memory of where I put that old notebook “for safekeeping”.

Let the treasure hunt begin...

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🎼 A is a horse, of course, of course, unless that horse 🎶🎵 ... is one of the of , providing their own special forms of physical and mental .

Join your friendly neighborhood at Park on Saturday, Oct 20, from 11am-5pm, as we help out these special animals with a fundraiser.


@darkmirror I’m going to try this as a “comment” and a “boost” to see if either one gets me the sort of “re-toot” effect I want.

Long-story-short, has a fun volunteer event next Saturday afternoon for those who like to help people and horses:

In case you’re wondering why you need to come out, enough straight people have now met enough of us that the attitudes described in this article are no longer in the majority. They’ve seen differently, with their own eyes.

Happy Day to all the out there.

I only recently learned that this day was picked because it marked the end of the Salem trials.

Yea ouch.

Kinda puts getting told-off and trash-talked into perspective.

Of course, since “it” often starts with words, it’s a good thing we have days like today to make the point that no, we’re not inherently immoral baby-eaters, thank you very much. ;)

Happy belated National Coming Out Day ( )! Thanks to everyone who came out ( The more varied people known by mainstream society, the better it goes for all people, even those who can’t yet come out. We go from people thinking there are no teachers, cops, etc... to eventually getting anti- ordinances and an liaison in the mayor’s office.

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Map of the most common surname in each country in Europe, color coded by whether it translates as Smith, Miller, Priest, etc.

The memories of my departed , -of-choice, and 49 others —some represented with photos, most represented in symbols— will be honored this Day of the Dead with some choice hipster at their .

I had to set up this altar early because there's no way I'll have time to set it up closer to the actual day.

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In my little corner of the universe, it's Week, so of course I'm going hunting for new reading material in the Association's list of last year's most "challenged" titles.

Happy Celebrate Day! AKA Day, AKA a whole bunch of other names I no longer remember. In honor of the whole visibility thing, this is what a looks like... when sleep-deprived and about to go scavenging for caffeine.

@darkmirror Since I’ve been having lousy luck uploading to Mastodon, let’s see if this works better:

@darkmirror Since I’ve been having lousy luck uploading to Mastodon, let’s see if this works better:

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Digital Restrictions Management (#DRM) is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its range of uses.

Today is international #DayAgainstDRM:

Use the day and read on to inform yourself & others about DRM!

So, like, Happy Awareness Week, everyone. I’m old enough to remember when it was only one day —the 23rd— but I guess people just can’t be contained. ;)

Image Credit: Ellen Stothart for BiNet USA

T minus one hour before the parade, and I’m holding down my group’s staging area by myself because —through a series of uncontrollable last-minute events— I find myself playing the role of “responsible adult” today. That’s OK; I’ve brought extra water, sunscreen, and Pride flags; we should be in good shape. We’re due to march between a church and a strip club, which is just .

Witnessed at today's : Signs announcing some of the wares from the Bold Strokes company, written by Barbara Ann Wright, an author previously unknown to me.

"Skirt-Chasing Princess Series"

"Star-Crossed in Space"

" & Vikings"

"+ Space Opera Series"

Side Note: They also sell -free in multiple file formats. I know 'cause I kinda went shopping...

Witnessed at today's : Jesus H. Christ, holding a sign that reads:

"... and on the 8th day, I created . I see you received my double helping of it!"

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