Rise and shine with your friendly neighborhood gays to help serve breakfast to people in . Sat, March 30, 7-10am.

Details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

I know plenty of people who have problems / trauma around churches, and this project will be in a church, but these guys are "cool". They fight for the rights of people, and lots of homeless are "family". I promise, I've walked into this place and my feet did not light on fire. Plus, we're going for mimosas after.

Patrica Nell Warren, and , passed away last night in LA. She was known to many in our community for her now-classic novels “The Front Runner” and “El Bravo (The Wild Man)”, plus her historical “One Is The Sun”. I’ll always remember her as a warm, witty, scary-smart lady with boundless curiosity, who was always mentoring some kid. An amazing who took part in amazing times, we won't see another like her again.

Help the adorable homeless and population of !

Your friendly neighborhood queers will be working at Dallas Animal Services on Saturday, Jan 19, 1pm-3pm.

Come join us! Details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

Followed by a very late lunch.

I took my man out to the ’s historic DeGolyer building for the type of High he fondly remembers from his time in the . Then we had a stroll through their gardens. The formal garden was decorated in the theme of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”.

More photos: darkmirror.org/reflections/201

Calling all masters in the mystic art of gift-wrapping-fu:

Jubilee Park Community Center needs you to unleash your fabulousness and wrap gifts for delivery to area children in need.

Sat Dec 15, 9:30am-noon.

Enthusiastic amateurs and heterosexuals are of course always welcome.

Followed by a very lunch.

Details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

Get down and dirty with you favorite area -folk as we help clean up the shores of White Rock Lake. Followed by a very lunch.

Sat, Nov 10, 8am - noon.

Details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

The memories of my departed , -of-choice, and 49 others —some represented with photos, most represented in symbols— will be honored this Day of the Dead with some choice hipster at their .

I had to set up this altar early because there's no way I'll have time to set it up closer to the actual day.

In my little corner of the universe, it's Week, so of course I'm going hunting for new reading material in the Association's list of last year's most "challenged" titles.


Happy Celebrate Day! AKA Day, AKA a whole bunch of other names I no longer remember. In honor of the whole visibility thing, this is what a looks like... when sleep-deprived and about to go scavenging for caffeine.

So, like, Happy Awareness Week, everyone. I’m old enough to remember when it was only one day —the 23rd— but I guess people just can’t be contained. ;)



Image Credit: Ellen Stothart for BiNet USA

Witnessed at today's : Signs announcing some of the wares from the Bold Strokes company, written by Barbara Ann Wright, an author previously unknown to me.

"Skirt-Chasing Princess Series"

"Star-Crossed in Space"

" & Vikings"

"+ Space Opera Series"


Side Note: They also sell -free in multiple file formats. I know 'cause I kinda went shopping...

Witnessed at today's : Jesus H. Christ, holding a sign that reads:

"... and on the 8th day, I created . I see you received my double helping of it!"

Here's a little video snippet of three of the Rose Room's divas strutting their stuff at .

Witnessed at today's : The Rose Room's divas rocked an enraptured crowd in a rare outdoor, daytime show at Reverchon Park.

Here's a little snippet from this evening's Fiestas Partias held in ' Main Street Garden Park. On stage are, I think, "La Energy Norteña" and "Compañía Folklórica México Lindo".

Guess what the De Colores Collective and Grey Space are up to this Friday?

The opening reception for ORGULLX, an exhibit featuring works by contemporary :

August 17
Oak Cliff Cultural Center
223 W Jefferson Blvd, TX

🎼 A is a horse, of course, of course, unless that horse 🎶🎵 ... is one of the of , providing their own special forms of physical and mental .

Join your friendly neighborhood at Park on Saturday, Oct 20, from 11am-5pm, as we help out these special animals with a fundraiser.

Details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

Your friendly neighborhood will be sorting and boxing up packages of at the North Food Bank’s new warehouse, on Sat Sept 29 from 8:45am-11:30am. Come help feed those in need, then join us after this project for .

All the details: gayforgood.org/events/g4g-dfw-

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