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If any of you are in Dallas, Texas I will be videoing this even:
Transgender Day of Visibility Panel Discussion
Friday, March 29⋅4:30 – 7:00pm
211 N. Record St., Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75202, Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for education

Transgender Day of Visibility Panel Discussion

Public · Hosted by Trans-Cendence International and DFW Human Rights Campaign

Get your on! Help feed hungry people in . Join your friendly neighborhood queers as we do some Spring in the North Texas Food Bank’s plots.

Saturday, April 13, 9-11am.


Followed by a very lunch.

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The wonderfully creative Jadzia Axelrod (@Planetx) recently shared a very personal and ultimately adorable non- :

Guess who’s podcasts are kinda-sorta working again?

From the ”, a portrait of out man and professional boxer, Patricio “Cacahuate” Manuel:

@darkmirror Addendum: No luck typing in the feed by hand. As unlikely as it sounds, perhaps there’s something genuinely wrong with all the feeds?

Howdy Fediverse! I’d like to a or two:

Has anyone been having problems with the feeds for any podcasts? Were you able to resolve them? How?

For each NPR-related to which I subscribe, both the English & Spanish ones, I’ll see new episodes appear in my podcatcher, but said episodes never actually stream nor download. I’ve removed & added back individual episodes, then whole shows/feeds in my app, to no avail. Haven’t yet typed the feed in by hand. Ideas?

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“Creators don’t owe you...” by Cody Daigle-Orians. CW for righteous ranting:

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Did you know there's a proposed logo for the #Fediverse?

(Unfortunately I can't find the creator's details, if anyone knows please reply!)

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29 years ago today, Steve Jackson games was raided by the US Secret service. A company that published RPG books about a fictional universe with hackers in it was enough to have the owner of the company arrested & all their assets seized at gunpoint. That's how almost as far the moral panic about hackers, post 'wargames' went without organized resistance.

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Anyone in the tech space following me, care to point talented ux designers and developers at this? Please RT as widely as you can!
RT @[email protected]
Do you do #UIUX? Use your skills to help promote #WomenInSTEM! @500womensci is looking for someone to design, develop, deploy, support, and maintain this great resource. RFP due 15 March:

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we live in a world where the two following things are true at the same time:

- the current industry standard way to find out if someone is a human or a machine is to see if they know what a stop sign is

- self-driving cars exist

Rise and shine with your friendly neighborhood gays to help serve breakfast to people in . Sat, March 30, 7-10am.


I know plenty of people who have problems / trauma around churches, and this project will be in a church, but these guys are "cool". They fight for the rights of people, and lots of homeless are "family". I promise, I've walked into this place and my feet did not light on fire. Plus, we're going for mimosas after.

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lgbt folk in motorsport 

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Artist Frida Kahlo with her lover Costa Rican-born Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, 1945 #womensart

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