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IMO, a major problem with the Progressive Left is that it consistently tests its own ideological purity.

If you don't think the same way I do, you're a bigot regardless of your point. Intersectional movements often fail to address core, intersectional issues due to conflicting premises -- or to even acknowledge that there are different ways to solve problems.

Pol #humanism #humanrights #feminism #race #education #class #progressivism #freespeech #gender #intersectionality #sjw #intolerance 

DeGraffenreid v. General Motors


"Intersectionality draws attention to invisibilities that exist in feminism, in anti-racism, in class politics, so it takes a lot of work to consistently challenge ourselves to be attentive to aspects of power that we don’t ourselves experience." - Kimberlé Crenshaw

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A live debate with all the major EU party leaders except the eurosceptics. Let's watch a bunch of nobodies who agree with each other on all major issues pretend that they care about the EU electorate. Are you excited?


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> The economists of the early 20th century did not foresee that work might evolve from a means of material production to a means of identity production. They failed to anticipate that, for the poor and middle class, work would remain a necessity; but for the college-educated elite, it would morph into a kind of religion, promising identity, transcendence, and community. Call it workism.


> In 1980, the highest-earning men actually worked fewer hours per week than middle-class and low-income men. By 2005, the richest 10% of married men had the longest average workweek. In that same time, college-educated men reduced their leisure time more than any other group. Today, it is fair to say that elite American men have transformed themselves into the world’s premier workaholics, toiling longer hours than both poorer men in the U.S. and rich men in similarly rich countries.

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In a 2018 paper on elite universities, researchers found that for women, the most important benefit of attending a selective college isn’t higher wages, but more hours at the office, i.e. elite institutions are minting coed workists.

The religion of work isn’t just a cultist feature of America’s elite. It’s also the law.

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> For women, we find a positive effect of school selectivity on labor force participation, though not on the full-time full-year margin, as well as positive effects on own and spousal educational attainment, and a negative effect on marriage rates. We find no significant effects on those outcomes for men.


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Only 9% of Americans like Congress, suggesting a lower approval rating than cockroaches, head lice, or traffic jams. But 62% of people who know who their own Congressional representative is actually approve of them.

Ideall, viewed from the outside, every Congressperson ought to think only of the good of the nation. Practically, from within the system, you do what gets you elected.


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The utopia where the government doesn't pay lots of corporate welfare.

The utopia where every country's military is 50% smaller than it is today, and the savings go into infrastructure spending.

The utopia where all hospitals use the same electronic medical record system that can talk to each other, so doctors can look up what the doctor you saw last week in a different hospital decided instead of running all the same tests over again for $5000.

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A random exchange at a grocery store:

Stranger: "What do you think of ?"

Me: "Put it this way, it's the greatest disaster since William the Conqueror invaded England and brought with him Continental feudalism. It took centuries to repair the damage."

Stranger: "That's better than we've managed in the US. It's 2019 and we still haven't gotten rid of feudalism."

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Now Teresa May has resigned 


Failed to deliver Brexit, mocked by the EU, backstabbed by her own party. A weak leader overall. Who's next?

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