I frankly think Attack on Titan will remain on top of the list 'til the end of the season...

Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack


"It’s as if you were convinced the oceans were filled with water... but every time you took a sample, you came up with something else -- a shell, a rock, a plant. Yet to start to believe your hypothesis was correct, you’d hardly need to empty the sea."

Why do they have to package like this? Seems so unnecessary.
Not to mention it's a minor annoyance to have to break open a mesh net for every two avocados I want to eat.


The future of food service.
Self-order. No wait staff, no waiting, no tipping. So nice.
Humans still cook and serve...for now. :shrug_riko:

With all the chaff in the air, everyone else seems to have missed the opportunity of the century. 💸

The future of retail is here... Well, almost.
All self check-out, no humans... Just cameras and bots watching you in silence. No lines. So nice.



Kids today say "full stack, "full stack", "full stack"... Even crap burgers 🍔 are full-stack.

The September 1983 issue of Byte Magazine had articles on designing CMOS integrated circuits and algorithms to schedule operational business processes.

Now, that's real full stack! :awoo_grill:


Captchas are getting more ridiculous and more annoying :blobnogood:

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