Peter Sloterdijk on autonomous fantasy

> “As soon as one concedes the self-immunizing, individual-space-creating purpose of ‘originality,’ or rather of micromanic competency (extending to kitsch and delirium), the constitutive avoidance of reality evident in most human utterances, even a certain degree of hallucination, can be taken as indicating the successful installation of individuals and small groups in their own self-will. _Those who are original wear self-woven garments_.” — Foams

we need a TMZ that tracks all the fedi drama and produces a convenient daily podcast

RISC-V open sources processor design # Intel

I'd really love to see smartphones built on completely open hardware.

Nietzsche obviously understood well what he was writing, but might have underestimated the propensity for people to deliberately misrepresent it to promote ideas and agendas unrelated to his point.

Unsolicited advice for anyone in any kind of engineering/tech/architecture work Show more

> Ray Kurzweil’s idea of “singularity,” by contrast, contains futuristic, monistic and elitist elements. Although “singularity,” according to its logical and rhetorical design, is meant to integrate mankind as a whole, it is evident that it could only encompass a tiny group of exceptional transhuman individuals.

GRUB should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

EU President, Donald Tusk, being criticised (in the UK) for this statement:

"I have been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely."

I don't see the problem. Hit the nail on the head. The truth hurts.

suddenly have a strong urge to make
Sunbeam City 2000: the solarpunk community simulator :sun:

To be colloquially as opposed to clinically insane implies something so fantastic in quality or outlandish in quantity that it shatters rational expectation.

In its splendor or munificence, the insane thing may drive us to senseless, unhealthy behavior.


I wonder what happens when chefs make intellectually stimulating dishes but people come in and just don't get it and then leave nasty Yelp reviews.

My 2¢ after playing with for a little bit:

1. Falkon might be more resource-efficient on a Qt-based desktop than others -- or if you run a lot of Qt apps in general, particularly those that make use of .

2. Falkon's tracking protection is a bit limited, but at least it doesn't phone home out of the box -- which is a problem that both and have, though you can at least disable this in Firefox.

Turns out, is the second life of . It's a web browser using rendering engine.

"Since version 3.0, QupZilla is no longer developed and new version are released with Falkon name as a KDE project."

I frankly think Attack on Titan will remain on top of the list 'til the end of the season...

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