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Recent releases of have improved quite a bit, but Firefox on still lacks hardware video acceleration/decoding. So be prepared to burn your CPU and battery while watching videos.

Air is your friend and your enemy. It makes things pretty, like your ice cream 🍦🍧🍨 and your cappuccino ☕; it makes your bread 🍞 nice and crusty. But too much air makes your ravioli porous and soggy.

Love grazing bits of bacon 🥓 and popcorn 🍿 out of tupperware containers. And yeah, Girl Scout Thin Mints, too. 🍪

Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack

"It’s as if you were convinced the oceans were filled with water... but every time you took a sample, you came up with something else -- a shell, a rock, a plant. Yet to start to believe your hypothesis was correct, you’d hardly need to empty the sea."

Petrichor, that fresh aroma you can smell after the rain, is caused by a little molecule called geosmin. The name literally means "earth smell." It's produced by soil bacteria and gives an earthy flavour to beets.

Humans are extremely sensitive to this scent – much, much more sensitive than sharks are to blood. Some think we evolved that way to find fresh drinking water after droughts.

We should venerate and create space for the and the to do what they do. That's where progress comes from.

You have a bunch of people with physics PhDs who maybe wrote some R code in graduate school. And they suddenly have to compile all these packages with GPU support so they can get CUDA running, and they're just like, "We can't do that."

Why does pretty much everyone associate with Google's TensorFlow? It's just a nightmare to use in practice.

Despite the tremendous hype around it, the number of people who are actually using it to build real things that make a difference is probably very low.

Thomas Edison was really freaking good at making money and keeping the IP for himself, so obviously he’s going to promulgate the view that it was a single genius, a loner working super hard in a room, who owns everything that came from it. Of course that’s going to be his mission. That's the founder.

It’s incredible how even now you run a normal multi-layer neural network on a CPU machine and it’s quite slow. The GPU is a big advancement -- and the other thing is there have been some algorithmic advances on the vision side of deep learning.

> Perceptrons, which I believe are the simplest neural networks, go back to the 1950s. What's changed is the hardware we can run them on has gotten so much faster and so much more efficient and so much more powerful, and the data sizes that we can work with have gotten so much bigger. So now we can solve these problems, and it's kind of awesome what we can do.

"Part of the fun is escaping the drudgery of real life." -- Mark Hamill

For a , a check is only the beginning. Even though venture capital rounds are often celebrated as major milestones, they are really just entry tickets. When a company accepts venture funding, it commits itself to steep expectations for future growth. 2X a year is considered good, 3X is great, and 4X or more a year is amazing.


There's worse... e.g., raisins in oatmeal cookies.

"The raisin has plagued the oatmeal cookie like a parasite, stifling its untapped potential as a (if not the) premier baked good of our generation."


But you still gotta keep on being blushy-crushy :blobblush:

Two things annoy me about market fundamentalists calling themselves 'classical liberals'.

The first is that they don't actually seem to be aware of the positions of many of the 'classical liberals'. Like the amount of time Adam Smith spent warning against trusts, collusive price fixing, and monopolies.

Second, the classical liberals were radicals in their day and looked for causes of misery and inefficiency to challenge. Drawing a line under history and going “That's done!” is the opposite.

There is an old technique from Japan on how to triple-sear meat with a deep rich flavor.

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