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It’s incredible how even now you run a normal multi-layer neural network on a CPU machine and it’s quite slow. The GPU is a big advancement -- and the other thing is there have been some algorithmic advances on the vision side of deep learning.

> Perceptrons, which I believe are the simplest neural networks, go back to the 1950s. What's changed is the hardware we can run them on has gotten so much faster and so much more efficient and so much more powerful, and the data sizes that we can work with have gotten so much bigger. So now we can solve these problems, and it's kind of awesome what we can do.

"Part of the fun is escaping the drudgery of real life." -- Mark Hamill

For a , a check is only the beginning. Even though venture capital rounds are often celebrated as major milestones, they are really just entry tickets. When a company accepts venture funding, it commits itself to steep expectations for future growth. 2X a year is considered good, 3X is great, and 4X or more a year is amazing.

Two things annoy me about market fundamentalists calling themselves 'classical liberals'.

The first is that they don't actually seem to be aware of the positions of many of the 'classical liberals'. Like the amount of time Adam Smith spent warning against trusts, collusive price fixing, and monopolies.

Second, the classical liberals were radicals in their day and looked for causes of misery and inefficiency to challenge. Drawing a line under history and going “That's done!” is the opposite.

There is an old technique from Japan on how to triple-sear meat with a deep rich flavor.

San Francisco is my kind of city,
Where the women are strong and the men are pretty.
The list of clients tested for #efail. It would have been better for EFF to have said this is the list of clients and if yours isn't green/white then turn off html rendering in the settings.

> a character arc bordering on cliché: Ivy League college, investment banking, 9/11-induced crisis of conscience, and much heedless pursuit of youthful passion projects before finally resolving to devote their lives to solving world crises.

The breach was worse than they thought:

> The company originally said 143 million customers were affected; now, after reviewing all the affected data, Equifax says that it was 146.6 million people who had their name and date of birth exposed, and 145.5 million of those who had their Social Security numbers exposed.

The Simpsons: Most. American. Show. Ever.

> Even if the show were not as hilarious as it is, or as sharply written, or as visually imaginative, it would remain the quintessential artifact of modern American culture — merely by virtue of the sheer number of times it has recreated the iconic experiences of American life in a way Americans have found relatable.

The year is 2040. It has been the year of the linux desktop for eight years in a row. Everyone uses completely libre RISC-V processors on entirely libre laptop designs. Nobody knows how to get a file off of a QEMU image yet.

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