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The once counterculture #420 celebration that was all about getting stoned now is so mainstream Corporate America is starting to embrace it. 😎 Cooler by association.

Ben & Jerry features Cherry Garcia and Phish Food, honoring late Grateful Dead member Jerry Garcia and the band Phish. 🍧

David Orban: are very important to help implement the system of a society for the human, not for the State or a corporation.

Max More: mind uploading is mainly a idea but it is possible. The best option for is cryopreservation.

George Dvorsky: with moral and intellectual enhancement on the horizon, people are referring to it as "the rapture of the ".

Ben Goertzel: the future will bring mind reading.

Seriously, my local supermarket's dairy department manager needs a inventory control system with and stop ordering tubs and tubs of cottage that nobody buys and end up in the dumpster every week.

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> Anything invented before you were 18 was there all along. Anything invented before you’re 30 is exciting and will change the world forever. Anything invented after that is an abomination and should be banned.

The Selangor coastline is unchanging in its foreignness, its difference from Kuala Lumpur. Yet in its conception and its evolution, it represents exactly the arc of Malaysian society. It tells, starkly, the tale of migration, both of arrival and departure, and of carving out a place in the world. The flimsy roadside restaurants and old timber village houses anticipate the passing of things in a strange habit of becoming permanent.

> Our real understanding of photographs lies away from the negatives and the printing and the labs, away from the objectivity that the camera lens and digital technology provide us. Instead, it lies in a space that we appreciate instinctively, a space that is tied to memory, to our own anxieties and aspirations. The best leads us to such spaces of illumination and lets us grapple with our vulnerabilities. The best photography is beyond beauty, even beyond meaning.

Barthes went in search of images of his dead mother, but none represented the person he knew or loved. In those photos he recognized his mother objectively, but couldn't feel her. She was familiar yet unknown. Ultimately he did find an image that represented her truly, as he remembered her. She was 5 years old in that picture, standing in a winter garden in 1898, a place and time he had never known. Suddenly: an onrush of memories. He cries.

It seems clear to me now what Roland Barthes meant was that you have to delve into memory in order to understand what lies before you, but that the act of recalling risks casting doubt on the certainty of the image you are beholding. We can subject a photograph to any amount of objective artspeak we like, but ultimately we bring our own subjective understanding to each image.

In Confluence, Ian Teh's sweeping yet sometimes chokingly personal portrait of Malaysia's Selangor coastline, he allies powerful social commentary with details that seem suffused with melancholy.

Everywhere in Ian Teh's photographs, I feel the vulnerability that permeates Roland Barthes' strange yet seminal "Camera Lucida."

> In order to see a photograph well, you need to look away.

can bring people together with its unity, while gives its members flexibility to move up, and out of their various gemeinschafts?

Weak ties are not always bad, which is why one of the most famous sociology papers is titled "Strength of Weak Ties."

Although technology may have altered the former communities, it helps to form new ones.  Human beings always desire intimate connection and a sense of belonging. So the concept of gemeinschaft will never get old.

Humans have a remarkable tendency to waste resources for the sake of independent solutions rather than efficiently using collective response. A nice experiment about tragedy of the commons, #cooperation, #freerider and #individualism using public good game. #science #altruism #ecology #climatechange #globalwarming
📄 Gross & de Dreu (2019) Science Advances 5:eaau7296

Francis Bacon did an experiment and and it killed him. On a wintry day in March 1626, while traveling from London to his home in St. Albans, in an attempt to find out whether freezing could help to preserve meat, he stopped his carriage, bought a chicken, and stuffed it full of snow. The result of his exertions in the cold and damp was not the early invention of the frozen TV dinner but his rapid demise from pneumonia.

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