I may have found my next from @purism. That is, if they ship it out before mine dies. Love the concept though.


I have banged on about The Midnight a bit. Here is a of their latest and installment. is a great place to get it: all the way!


Australia's democracy is under threat when the police conducts raids against investigative journalists from ABC. We must keep fighting for our right to privacy, free speech and freedom of the press:

A full re-shoot of Game of Thrones final season?? Some fans are calling for one. Great ending, it wasn't...but hey... Really??

I heard that had bought . I could find no confirmation online. Anyone else heard it? Just a vicious rumour?

I cannot believe that @purism has been criticised for providing a srevices similar to @protonmail , @protonvpn and @Tutanota . While all these are great services, it always good to have more choice for those who might need something different.

Another project worthy of checking out: Roborg from Czech Republic. They are available on with some choice sounds and vibes. Very chill in some places.

Now the NSA only needs to drop online surveillance, too! Until then, get an encrypted mailbox. 😉✊ engadget.com/2019/04/25/nsa-dr

Testing out . Still finding new settings on to tweak things.

Tutanota is becoming quite popular among reviewers: The Guardian recommends Tutanota as a GDPR compliant email service and NordVPN calls Tutanota a 'top Gmail alternative'. 😃😍

Started watching a from called "". They reconstruct one digitally from found around the world and the comes from . This is really interesting, as it is the first time that I have heard that modern still carry .


Melbourne cafe Handsome Her closing two years after introducing ‘man tax’

Melbourne cafe owners who introduced an 18 per cent gender pay gap surcharge in 2017 say they became “the punching bag of the internet”.

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