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Nice, makes sense to do so. Saves so much hassle in the long run. Just make sure to backup the backup, I've made this mistake too many times myself. :P

@deavmi this sometimes happens on RPi because the contact that checks the read-only SD selector gets stuck. check the contacts in the slot first of all.

Guessing you got everything back up and running?

Okay, physical links for back up!

Now for the tunnels and then monitorix.

Yggdrasil config rewritten and commands for systemd units along with sysctl additions.

Now I await a new SD card and an hour or installation and configuring

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having a unicode π“„Ώ is pretty dope

is down my side due to corrupted SD card.

Needing to reinstall and reconfigure.

@deavmi then again, for a VM if you want to toy around with using it as a server OS, omnios is probably the way to go. omnios also has support for linux zones (zones are illumos’ container system, think of lxc) but i haven’t messed with them yet

the documentation for it is a little scattershot though x.x

@deavmi tbqh openindiana is probably easier to mess with, omniosce doesn’t come with X11, it’s very barebones

openindiana seems to have pretty alright documentation, give it a go in a VM!

@deavmi nah, it’s an illumos distribution

illumos being the fork of OpenSolaris from before it was made closed source again

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