[EN] We are planning an εxodus platform and website maintenance at 9am UTC this saturday.

[FR] Nous plannifions une maintenance de la plateforme εxodus et du site à 9h UTC ce samedi.

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Twitter be like:               


|       I hate men        |     

|________ __________|

🔄78.9k ❤324k


|     I hate women    |


🔄            ❤2

Your account has been suspended.

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Nothing runs my emotions high like when I like someone but I feel underappreciated, I feel like the correct thing for me to do is to back off....

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I generally believe if people like your energy they'll reciprocate in the way they talk to you,check up on you etc in simple terms they'll give back the same vibes you share with them, they won't make you feel less special.

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Everytime I listen to music from the 80s I get some sort of nostalgia as if I was born then. 😩😩

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Call me a nerd or whatever the hell you want. But I'll never stop consuming information like a machine.

I'll never stop educating myself, not only in academics but also real world issues etc.

Ask not what you can do for your computer ask what it can do for your anal infection.

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REO Speedwagon is the most underrated band of the 80s.

Will be the reverse for analysis tomorrow though. Oof.

Forgot to say. I fucked that linear algebra paper.

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

google had to level up by killing RSS and XMPP before they could gain enough XP to kill email.

once they're done with that they will move on to the final boss of killing the web.

@deavmi This book seems to be from 1989 and likely describes CLtL1. The language has evolved greatly since then - even if we count ANSI CL standardization from 1994. I'd suggest grabbing something newer, such as PCL, Graham's ANSI CL and/or CL Recipes.

now that X is setup, things should be rolling much more smoothly
i may even be shitposting from my laptop by tomorrow evening
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