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Tristan B. Kildaire

git 2.18 has been released, including my first patch ๐Ÿ˜€

8,963 accounts
+3 in the last hour
+6 in the last day
+42 in the last week

IRC is the best social network and best chat platform.

@deavmi Cool, glad it works for you too.

Is it just me or is YouTube spazzing out?

Windows Explorer is absolutely useless

Checked out this book last night. Now I am no engineer but to be honest it is a great book.

Contact me using 'worcester' on the Ring distributed communication platform:

@deavmi I had better experience with on Android for video chat. was quite laggy when I tested, but was my favourite text chat for a while.

L i m a s h approcahes z e r ooo

C o n v e r g e

@Trev @waifu back in my day people recorded their runs on a VHS and mailed them to the national speedrun committee