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This is good. We teach kids what is normal, not abnormal mental illnesses.

And no I'm not a transphobe or homophobe before y'all tards come after me.

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You will never sway me away from Stellenbosch.

I'm a Stellenbosch municipalist (it's like a nationalist but hyper-niche) ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

We literally have Gino's πŸ•, friendly people πŸ‘₯ and Stellenbosch University πŸ›

Compare that to having literally a flat rock πŸ—Ώ (not even a full one with curves)

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If you want to live a good life then here are the things I have learnt so far.

1. Be kind
2. Help others
3. Be yourself, the individual, no matter how offensive it may be to others
4. Never throw a day away, make the most of every minute and don't push things to the next day - start working on your dreams now.
5. Let others live how they want you
6. Don't let go of your traditions and culture

(Photo πŸ“Έ: Risima Ngobe)

Syntax is good. But languages standard library and type system are terrible. A true shit show. D doesn't do this. D has a proper fixed type system. A char is and will always be 8 bits. Any languages that cannot follow modern specifications like that because they need to support some embedded processor with a dumb width system in a heart monitor that is keeping someone's grandmother alive is a terrible language.

Rant over.

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C come to think of it. Is a pretty crappy language.

It's type system is broke. Not because it is weak (I prefer that).

But because the actual definitions are char and such differ on all platforms with way too much variance. Supporting so many platforms when it is *this* detrimental is what made C shit.

Yeah they have stdint.h but the stdlib doesn't use it.

Working on a library for (to be honest the internal C could just as well be used by itself once it is done)

Good to see it working so far! Within a week I should have it all neatly packaged up and ready for shipping!

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@deavmi A proper military tank casually cruising through what appears to be a community mall

@abloo @SigmaOne While Valve is not necessarily the friend of the people, an open platform is useful to their strategic objectives.

This move is almost certainly a response to Windows 11 requiring TPM.

Valve has been preparing for years to cut out their dependency on Windows, and this is their move.

Having an open platform will attract more people. It defuses a variety of criticisms that could be leveled against it and makes it a dual purpose device (console/PC).

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