RT @sajattack@twitter.com: So, uh, @redox_os@twitter.com runs on more hardware than you might think

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RT @redox_os@twitter.com: Redox OS now utilizes relibc as its default C library, making an even higher percentage of its codebase Rust.

A new release will be coming soon!

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RT @emiliotongva@twitter.com: Dear @SenWarren@twitter.com: A DNA test does not make you Native! πŸ™„ Even if you had a CDIB that would not make you Native! Native identity is more than blood and blood myths. Being Native is about culture, language, history and more! But you don’t have that, stop claiming Native, PERIOD!

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RT @business@twitter.com: Trump's criticism of the Saudis is welcome, but awfully late bloom.bg/2yJYj0W via @bopinion@twitter.com

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RT @realDailyWire@twitter.com: Michael BublΓ© Quitting Music After Son's Cancer Battle; Can't Stomach 'Celebrity Narcissism' Anymore bit.ly/2yhpCQY

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RT @realDailyWire@twitter.com: 'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Is Getting Accused Of Sexual Predation Once Again bit.ly/2yhG5oo

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RT @tictoc@twitter.com: It's not a spaceship; it's your farm of the future πŸŒ½πŸ…πŸ‡

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RT @SecPompeo@twitter.com: A big @StateDept@twitter.com (and ) happy birthday to America’s seapower, @USNavy@twitter.com! Thank you Sailors, past and present, for your service, sacrifice, and commitment to keeping America safe.

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RT @FOSSForce@twitter.com: Internet Relay Chat turns 30β€”and we remember how it changed our lives | Ars Technica ow.ly/A35t30mdB0A

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RT @climagic@twitter.com: inotifywait -e open art.jpg && s=$(stat -c %s art.jpg );h=$(($s/2));r=$((s-h)); dd if=/dev/urandom | grep -a -o -P "[\x01-\xD0]" | tr -d $'\n' | dd of=art.jpg bs=1 seek=$h count=$r # Digitally "shred" half a file after it is opened.

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RT @1o57@twitter.com: @ThePracticalDev@twitter.com @melizeche@twitter.com Consider math a language. The language of science. Including at the heart Computer Science.

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RT @krassenstein@twitter.com: @PrisonPlanet@twitter.com You conveniently leave out the multiple tweets in that thread where I thanked him for his efforts.

Doesn't suit your narrative though, just like those full unedited videos didn't! You JOKE of a journalist!


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My balanced breakfast includes the tasty , what’s in yours?

RT @openbsd@twitter.com: We are happy to report the upcoming OpenBSD 6.4 release will include ssh software compatible with Microsoft Windows 10! zdnet.com/article/openssh-arri ^job@

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RT @KeithBarrett@twitter.com: @nytimes@twitter.com Eliminating slavery over 150 years ago, which Democrats fought against btw, was the apology. Why are you virtual signaling guilt for something no one alive in many generations has experienced? She's must be a liberal transplant thinking the south is still living in the past.

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RT @KeithBarrett@twitter.com: @geoduck_cf4l@twitter.com @nytimes@twitter.com It's felt today because liberal social justice bullying brought it back to life by constantly judging & labeling ppl by color, ignoring MLK's message. You're even encouraging segregation. From late 70s to 90s race hate was rare & ppl didn't call others racist. You made it worse.

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