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My website on


@neilalexander ;)

Tryna do some signal handling in now....

We will see how that goes...

The project site is here: http://[200:fe27:9add:5d34:d85c:3588:33b1:e53f]/projects/bonobonet/

In other news, sadly corona.bnet contracted corona and died. The server has a file system corruption and won't mount an FS.

I will ressurect this machine again soon, but for now you have two options. zhoreeq.bnet and lockdown.bnet.

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I will be mentoring a few GNU/Social students this summer for #GSoC 😁

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I generally don’t use vulgar language but under the emergency powers I’m allowed to. The guys who are braaing by the side of the road and giving the rest of us the fat middle finger are Award Winning Poephols. Period. πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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