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Yes this is what I will be printing on my pamphlets for my birthday

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✨ Gonna be releasing a server build soon here ✨

πŸ’» There will also be a client here

Will let you guys know when it is released and there is a public server available for testing (there will most likely be a few public servers available - as we will want to test inter-server mail exchange (even though it works))

My word I love weakly typed languages, this is great, forth is amazing

@deavmi @Christian It’s a popular thing nowadays, to have the banner or poster represent the latest season. I think #iTunes actually popularized this practice.

Confused the heck outta me when I was looking for #CloneWars on #DisneyPlus by myself, and I only found something that said β€œClone Wars: The Final Season”. My homie (who owns the account) had to remind me that that’s the who series, they just slapped the final season poster on it lol

Ultimate battle

"We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” –Winnie The Pooh.

Working on something big...

You'll here about it next year...

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