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The 90s were a weird time. RedHat Linux had the option to install os using the "redneck" language.

@deavmi it uses libnewt for widgets and main logic, all of it runs under S-Lang

@deavmi @nixcraft Behave, a Python package for BDD, allows changing the language for "Given", "Then", "When", and one of the languages is "Pirate":

(There is a bunch, including an emoji language)

@deavmi @nixcraft My favourite still is "Scouse", though:

Youse know when youse got a test
An the test is broken
Youse know like when you run the test
Den youse gotta a broken test

... or something like that :p

@deavmi A. I remember this.

B. It actually proved useful for checking l10n and i18n coverage.


@deavmi Amazing effort went into that and not making RPM not suck ass.

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