Is the biggest IRC network on , , ?ยฟ

Special thanks to @caskd for making this possible

and experiencing some outages due to issues. We are planning an upgrade for redundancy tonight via tunneling.

Once these links are backup I shall post an update - it should drastically stabalise the network in situations such as these.

(lockdown.bnet, banghoe.bnet) servers will be online at 11AM earliest as the ISP installs new equipment as their old stuff got stolen by societal degenerates that deserve a bullet in the back of their heads for violating the God-given right that is private property.

Same for my side of

Yggpi.bnet offline due to load shedding

10 minute interruption to lockdown.bnet later tonight at 8:00 SAST due to load shedding, generator will come up 5 minutes later

Same applies to CRXN

Expect intermittent outages of ans lockdown.bnet and banghoe.bnet

For the next hour

Sorting out issues this side

Spoiler: It's my shit internet connection

Guys come on and join the fucking gang on on at irc://

down whilst I wait for a reboot on Gustav's side.

Fucked uo systemd unit

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