Signal Foundation has ~100M USD assets. And yet Signal Desktop is still annoyingly crappy Electron app.

It literally locks up for a second or two when I write a message longer than 5 characters.

Guys, seriously. Can you please get your shit together.

Well now I know what "wear leveling" is.
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So modern flash memory (SD cards, USB sticks, and SSDs) make this more complicated, while still pretending it works this way.
With flash memory, each cell has a limited lifespan measured in a number of writes, so to avoid wearing a cell out, they do wear leveling.

Ons gaan. Dis net waarheid hier.
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Ek en die boys gaan Happy Oak toe more en ons gaan SUIP. EK IS BAIE STOKED OU! MAAL KEEN!

@TristanKildaire 😌

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Israel wins world jiu-jitsu championship in Abu Dhabi.

WATCH the Arab hosts stand for the Israeli national anthem, for the first time in history.

Love it. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

@pulledfromthewater @sir but surely there is the whole thing of making societal change rather than rehulatory.

Atleast that is my opinion on it. Free to hear yoursm

@sir I am a victim then too. But I can make a decision on what I buy.

@sir Why should one dictate how things are made. This is a slippery slope.

Just don't buy crap. Or start your own grass roots movement to make shit that ain't shit. Like iOS and it's artificial CPU underclocking.

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Take sex away and you will come to realise that not many individuals have much to offer. This generation is so pressed for physicality that they forget mentality created the bond and forms longevity.💔

[EN] We are planning an εxodus platform and website maintenance at 9am UTC this saturday.

[FR] Nous plannifions une maintenance de la plateforme εxodus et du site à 9h UTC ce samedi.

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Twitter be like:               


|       I hate men        |     

|________ __________|

🔄78.9k ❤324k


|     I hate women    |


🔄            ❤2

Your account has been suspended.

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Nothing runs my emotions high like when I like someone but I feel underappreciated, I feel like the correct thing for me to do is to back off....

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I generally believe if people like your energy they'll reciprocate in the way they talk to you,check up on you etc in simple terms they'll give back the same vibes you share with them, they won't make you feel less special.

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Everytime I listen to music from the 80s I get some sort of nostalgia as if I was born then. 😩😩

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Call me a nerd or whatever the hell you want. But I'll never stop consuming information like a machine.

I'll never stop educating myself, not only in academics but also real world issues etc.

Ask not what you can do for your computer ask what it can do for your anal infection.

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