Alright #fedi, I've made a contribution to #teamSeas today and made a team called fediverse. When you make a contribution, you can join the team by simply putting fediverse in as the team. Help remove some plastic from the oceans by sending some bones to organizations doing it. $1 == 1lb of garbage 🚯

More info on the project and what they are doing here:


I looked it up and saw that guys behind it are the same guys who made their giant followage on YT by throwing out tons of money on useless garbage or stuffing their lamborghinis with hamburgers. Bit confusing. Maybe it's better to support another initiative like ?

@deerbard so this is a follow up to their previous successful initiative called team trees which help plant over 23 million trees. All of the money contributed to team seas is divided equally between the ocean cleanup project and the ocean conservancy. Both organizations will use certified scales and request payout from team seas.

I’m sure both of the stewards have done some silly nonsense on YouTube, but their success with team trees was awesome.


Thx! Maybe I'll join you there in this case as I didn't succeed with donation to the ocean cleanup for some reason. Pity cause I know about them for a long time and they seem solid and doing great job.

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