Still ten days to purchase calendars.

Here's a WIP for Irmelin Sandman Lilius's "The Unicorn". Original illustration by Julita Karwowska-Wnuczak.

Here's the ninth creature for this years calendar. Mister Cosmic Nude.

Info about calendars here (still nine days to order)

Last week I was testing my calligraphy skills for purpose. I want to make a simple title cover for it.

It's a last week to order a calendar.

And here's the first illustration in it's final stage. This is how all twelve will look.

Is anyone from abroad interested in this calendar btw? If yes, I need to make two separate covers. Let me know!

🇬🇧 April illustration for . Hope you can tell the book :)

🇵🇱 Kwietniowa ilustracja do „Wspomnień Tuszem”. Mam nadzieję, że rozpoznajecie książkę :)

Two days left!

I'd forgot to show you something :D I'm adding stickers to every calendar. Got plenty so you can get more than one if you want.

Info about calendars:

cover, available only in Polish. No lettering inside though so if you're still making your mind, I say go ahead (time till tomorrow including tomorrow) :)

Ok hopefully all pictures are now fully prepared for print. It was a long day of work.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!

p.s. I liked the reversed colors in this one. Saved it for no purpose other than sharing with you.

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