Personal challenge for coming week. Finally get back to every day.

[so hard to keep the balance]

I lost the challenge on the third day. Let's try again. Can I do seven days in a raw?

Have a good day and good luck with your personal challenges!

Almost there with a challenge :) Will I remember today though?

[I can drink coffee when I move more]

Also I already bought next tiny sketchbook as the current one is slowly ending.

Tried Sakura brand this time. Sadly it's also made in China as I learned when it came. Looks like there's no such sketchbooks made any closer.

Looks like it's same quality as Talens plus with a rubber loop attached.

Hahaha I succeeded. Did it for seven days. And then forgot yesterday. Let's start again :) make it a habit again.

Good morning.
Another hundred of these although this time with many days skipped in between. Let's continue this .

[rethinking, re-evaluation, rearrangement]

I think we need a challenge of retrying failed challenges x10. the truth is habit building is a gradual process. accepting this has been slowly helping me get back to posting art regularly

Yep, agree! I lost my habit and now I want to rebuild it. It just takes perseverance, that's all.

@deerbard Concerning sketchbooks: I started buying sketchbooks from my local arts supply shop. They make them themselves from their own supply of paper stock, regular or ringbound. Great variety of paper types and sizes. You may have a supplier nearby who does something similar!?

I wish. Never found anything like this. And I live in a capital city. I don't know all shops of course so who knows.

@deerbard Oh, that sucks. I don't know any suppliers in poland and mine doesn't have shops in poland either. 🤔

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