What do you think about this sketch? Trying to find out why it's boring and if I can help it or I should use something completely different :D

Second try of the same topic. I'm giving myself one more day tomorrow.

Do you like it more? Less?

Ok finally going to next step with it so I had it printed today. It's total chaos and not well visible from underneath the final piece of paper but I'll try.

I got rid of complicated background too, it never worked.

I had almost two hours for it today and I barely started to ink. Starting something that is so easy to destroy makes me anxious, also had to find best tools.

I already made some small ink smudges🤪

Out quite an amount of new lines since last update. It gets darker and darker but I'm still not sure if I won't add another layer on the dress...

I recharged my mental batteries a bit and I'm back to the Red Queen illustration.

Full color version today.

Three different framing color propositions. Any thoughts? How do you like the colors?

And last version today. Hope I didn't bore you to death with these. I spent a lot of time on checking different variations as you can see.

Which version is your favorite? Is it worth printing?


Test prints came and they look good in my estimation :)

A3 on photographic paper.

On Pixelfed I wrote DM me if you're interested. Not sure if anyone would be since the price of shipping one single print makes a big percentage of the whole cost but yeah, they're for sell and I can print more on demand too.

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