A serious question to my followers: Are you interested in having a real, physical calendar with my illustrations for next year?

I started doing illustrations on the topic „Dragons, Princesses and Princes”

It's a lot of work and I'd love to continue but I promised myself this time I'm not doing it just for myself. People need to actually be interested if it's a product for sale in the end.

This series would have some text only in Polish but you can easily treat it just as an ornamental figure. I'm writing them spontaneously just for fun.

I'm not even sure if I manage to finish all texts so it might disappear as well, we'll see ;)

Continuing this is a March dragon. I planned to do one of each (dragon, princess, prince) for every season. This one is not finished yet.

Ok just let me know if you'd like a calendar like this. All details in the thread and if not, just ask me anything.

Ok I'm close to the final decision but before I want to tell you why I was doing it all since I think I never made it clear enough.

The whole calendars idea was about going offline more. Start engaging in the physical world again.


I was hoping to make people interested in the idea by making these calendars as pretty and interesting as I could. Writing my own stories, illustrating them all.

Don't get me wrong please, I am not complaining or something. I just want to close it somehow by telling the story.

All the calendars will still be available for purchase with future dates.

Also I am not sure if I'll stop doing them, make one year break or maybe even still have something to offer this year even without a bigger project.

But I want to make things meaningful for people, not just for me so unless I'll hear about more interest from people I don't feel like I should continue.

Thank you everyone who bought my calendars in the past and who declared their interest and encouraged me or simply commented on my works. It was a very nice adventure and as I said I didn't decide to fully abandon it yet, just thinking of focusing on something else for the rest of this year and then I'll see.

Here are all the calendars:

Note to all my subscribers: Due to little interest there will be no Dragons, Princesses and Princes calendars this year.

There still might happen other calendars, I'll see.

And I'll finish this dragon for sure :)

@deerbard how about selling digital versions of the calendar on Gumroad? ☺️


Would you be interested? I don't know I always wanted these to exist only in the physical world.

@deerbard i personally wouldn't buy a physical calendar for a practical reason - currently i live out of my suitcase most of the time. But a digital solution in form of a wallpaper could be a cool way to support an artist 🤗
Digital art can definitely be a way for some additional income, especially if you already have a fanbase.

It looks I don't really have it :D People are not that much of fans of these calendars ;) I should just probably change direction finally.

@deerbard my friend who's an illustrator does personalized watercolors from photos for different occasions (weddings, birthdays), also does art on walls in ppls homes, book illustrations, postcards, she did calendars too i think 🤔

Maybe these ideas might help with a new direction 🤗
But building a brand and getting clients is tricky i suppose.

@deerbard The mastodon client clipped a drawing in a way which made me think, in the very first second, that this is a picture of tatooed "dragon", if you get my drift. Only after I saw it was drawn by you I went back to the picture and realised the first impression was hilariously wrong illusion.

Hah wasn't it more caused by the color and texture of the background that might look like skin?

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