I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet


Filled. Hope it worked, not sure of the web browser I got on my phone currently.

If my responce came then it probably came twice and you may have more doubles like this too, as I read it's not just me who was not sure if sending worked as nothing changed after clicking it. But still pretty impressive.

@deerbard I'm not sure. I just took a peek at the totals. I'm calling a few more days before I'll dig into the data

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