And of course, the one thing I'm still trying to do every day is

Although there are time when I don't have power, like when I felt really sick.

[no apethite]

Good morning, everyone! :)

Good morning.
Have a good Friday and weekend, everyone!

[every day one, a moment of focus]

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Good morning.
Hope you're having a good week. If not I wish it gets better. Mine was so-so and it results in no art from me for few days but it seems back to ok.

[selfawerness as a way]

Good morning.
Another hundred of these although this time with many days skipped in between. Let's continue this .

[rethinking, re-evaluation, rearrangement]

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Almost there with a challenge :) Will I remember today though?

[I can drink coffee when I move more]

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Personal challenge for coming week. Finally get back to every day.

[so hard to keep the balance]

Less time for regular drawing from now on but maybe more again?

[the beginning of the walks]

Since the beginning of war I don't draw too much. I think I'll even take a complete break. Stay calmer than I, everyone. Stay strong so we can help those in need.

Here's one of good places you can help refugees financially.


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