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Good morning y'all!

[snow fell but it will stay only till morning]

Well I don't like this whole global warming. I miss snow.

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I once wanted to start making a comicbook. By once I mean I thought about it for two years probably.

Have a good end of the week, everyone!

[abandoned dream]

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Not a good dray for drawing today. I hope I'll at least remember about

[bad mood]

p.s. bad mood is gone, this was five days ago :)

What a night. Wind is howling to this moment, trees are dancing outside. Let's hope it's safe to go...

Have a good week everyone!


While resting after busy period I'm also finally slowly regaining momentum. I think I was just overworked.

[slow down, stay, look]

Good morning, have a nice Sunday everyone.

This was me this week but hopefully I'm getting back to shape now.

[low energy level]

Good morning!

[5 min sketch sens is lost somewhere a bit]

In last weeks I don't feel like doing these. Sometimes I don't, sometimes they just look like crap (I only post when they don't :P). But it's been over 1000 of them, I'm going to break through this little crisis.

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Meanwhile six months ago. It was a hot summer, people spending time by the water. I was riding my bicycle and made a five minute break just to sketch this.
RT @deerbard
Long time no huh?


Good morning!

Have a good week, everyone.

[no ideas, so get back to sketching from life]

Good morning!

Long time no , huh? This is from two day ago cause I forgot yesterday.

[sunset at 4 p.m.]

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