I love Arthur Rackham's illustrations.
For a long time now I look around if I can find a translation of Peter Pan and Wendy with his drawings but with no success.
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The King’s only daughter had been carried off by a Dragon

So good!

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Summoner - Daily Quillustration painted and animated in VR uisng Quill, rendered in Redshift.

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Stepan Kolesnikov (Russian-Ukrainian, 1879-1955) - Town in the South of Russia ca.1910–19 oil on canvas (47.5 x 65.5 cm) (auctions)

Every time I see something that amazing I start to question what I do.

But don't worry, I'm not gonna stop :P

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Sketchbook pencil drawings.

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Settai Komura. Snowy Morning. 1942. Hanging on in there for the light. I love his work for the flat flat flatiness, but still depth.

Some day I'll get how to use colors. Nut for Nathan Fowkes just do pure magic for me.
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Sketch of Burraston Ponds Utah from a recent trip.

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I’ve always loved Dave McKean’s ink drawings more than anything else he does. So so great.

Greg Rutkowski's last piece brings me a lot of nostalgia. I like the mood so much.


Been watching Andreas's fantastical landscapes since I picked up drawing. He's been constantly getting only better and better. Always a pleasure to see a new creation of his.

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Good Friends

Beautiful watercolor.
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In honor of the 33rd anniversary of Sandman issue 1 release I would like to share some watercolors with you. Lets start with Destiny, 12x16 watercolors on Fabriano paper. First time I ever paint the character.
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Wowowow! day it seems
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"City in the far future" (50x70cm, 2014), my pencil of the human civilization that has to rebuild a new life for themselves on some other planet.

Original and art prints available on Etsy:

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