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Here's the ninth creature for this years calendar. Mister Cosmic Nude.

Info about calendars here (still nine days to order)

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Still ten days to purchase calendars.

Here's a WIP for Irmelin Sandman Lilius's "The Unicorn". Original illustration by Julita Karwowska-Wnuczak.

Dwa tygodnie by zamówić kalendarz! !aledwie kilka osób na całym świecie będzie taki miało :) Pośpiesz się!

Only two weeks left to purchase my calendars. It's rare occasion, only few people will own this item in entire world!

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What's this? It's hard as it's just a WIP and not a whole picture but maybe someone will recognize the scene?

Everything about purchasing my calendars here:

June Creature is in my portfolio now.

Here's a closeup of the unfinished version, I liked that stage.

Trying treat thumbnailing phase seriously in the proces of creating series. This results in being more confident in later stages but takes me much longer to finish and I'm way behind with these now...

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So as you know I am working on twelve illustrations in ink for calendar. This one is probably only known to polish audience (PL Kto pamięta?)

But did you recognize previous ones? I will still post full illustrations at some point.

I might or might not have a sketch for the final 12th creature for this year's .

Still don't know what to draw for this year's that would fit my

A continuation of some sort? But different character? Something completely new? Hmm...

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