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Continuing this is a March dragon. I planned to do one of each (dragon, princess, prince) for every season. This one is not finished yet.

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This series would have some text only in Polish but you can easily treat it just as an ornamental figure. I'm writing them spontaneously just for fun.

I'm not even sure if I manage to finish all texts so it might disappear as well, we'll see ;)

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It's a lot of work and I'd love to continue but I promised myself this time I'm not doing it just for myself. People need to actually be interested if it's a product for sale in the end.

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A serious question to my followers: Are you interested in having a real, physical calendar with my illustrations for next year?

I started doing illustrations on the topic „Dragons, Princesses and Princes”

I managed to sketch a bit in my sketchbook one day this week. Missed it!

Almost there with a challenge :) Will I remember today though?

[I can drink coffee when I move more]

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And sometimes I just forget about , like with the recent Ursula K. Le Guin portrait.😅

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To those who like to watch my art: I don't always use tag.

Sometimes my posts are mostly for those who decided to follow.

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