Yesterday I slept during the day so not much inking done. But there's .

[nope, still sick]

But here is a doodle 100% Inktoberish, freehand :P

Have a good day!

I'm not going with a spirit of but I don't care, I need to make my rusty skills work again even if my Gnometober turns into Gnomevember which is likely going to happen :D

Thumbnail for day1: the dream

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Ok this year I'm back to idea with my . Day 4th morning and for now I only have WIP for day 2 topic :D But I also have a full list of topics. Got to get the momentum now. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Ok so has started and I haven't. Day three already. Can I still make it? I have an idea but will see.

As per usual I can't yet see it on Very cool shot!

Last week I made 1300th sketch. Keeping hashtag for these although they take longer now for sure.

My waterbrush is clogged up and water doesn't want to flow. It's too early to buy yet another one!

[catch the breath
sick and angry]

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@szczezuja @lukaso666 @otwartezrodlo @szkodnix @xmsz

Już tak chyba trochę jest. Ja się pogubiłem co tam w końcu kombinujecie, ale chyba dodany jestem gdzie trzeba ;)
p.s. Amfora ftw

Started using full page of my tiny sketchbook. Don't know if I'm going to continue (it'll eat up my pages twice as fast) buy I like the expierience.

to sleep - as important as eating]

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Topic: portrait

If you want to join the challenge, post yours here with #bwPhotoCollective hashtag or to the BW Photo Collective telegram group (handle: BlackWhite_Photography, feel free to ask for invitation)

#bwPhotography #Photography #PhotographyChallenge

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A short study I did this Monday. Feels good to do these things again.

Most of my es look like nothing :D But it doesn't matter. What matters is not to stop even though I skipped so many days.

Have a good week, everyone!

[feel like cold in my throat]

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