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Ok just let me know if you'd like a calendar like this. All details in the thread and if not, just ask me anything.

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Continuing this is a March dragon. I planned to do one of each (dragon, princess, prince) for every season. This one is not finished yet.

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Hi! I'm Jessica Elena, a Swedish artist who loves making fun and playful art with lots of green, yellow and orange.

When it comes to techniques I mainly work digitally, but I have also explored some traditional papercut collage this year which has been absolutely lovely!

#introduction #MastoArt #collage #DigitalArt #CreativeToots

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@deerbard yes please! 2022s calendar is pretty great. You even have a #merman for #mermay. 🧜‍♂️

Last year they costed 30 EUR / 35 USD + shipping. Unless paper crisis hits my printer hard I hope the price won't be much higher but I suspect it to be slightly higher.

I usually gather orders in first half of November.

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This series would have some text only in Polish but you can easily treat it just as an ornamental figure. I'm writing them spontaneously just for fun.

I'm not even sure if I manage to finish all texts so it might disappear as well, we'll see ;)

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It's a lot of work and I'd love to continue but I promised myself this time I'm not doing it just for myself. People need to actually be interested if it's a product for sale in the end.

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A serious question to my followers: Are you interested in having a real, physical calendar with my illustrations for next year?

I started doing illustrations on the topic „Dragons, Princesses and Princes”

On Pixelfed I wrote DM me if you're interested. Not sure if anyone would be since the price of shipping one single print makes a big percentage of the whole cost but yeah, they're for sell and I can print more on demand too.

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Sold! :)

my first sell of a picture ever.
Thank a lot to my customer :D

#art #mastoart #traditionalart
🔥 🎨

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anyone know a moderated relay that is art/music related?

one of the struggles of being on a self hosted instance is that what I can discover (when looking for the artWithOpenSource, Krita, Darktable etc tags for example is limited to my followers)

I managed to sketch a bit in my sketchbook one day this week. Missed it!

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"The hand book of mediaeval alphabets and devices"

Publication date 1856
Topics Alphabets, Illumination of books and manuscripts -- Specimens, reproductions, etc

This is fun! :D

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