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Note to all my subscribers: Due to little interest there will be no Dragons, Princesses and Princes calendars this year.

There still might happen other calendars, I'll see.

And I'll finish this dragon for sure :)

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I realized I never added Sinix and Claire Wendling portraits to my portfolio. Fixed.

Studied from Monica today.
Good to have even a little time for painting. Whatever the outcome. Sweet dream everyone (you're gonna sleep eventually wherever you are, aren't you)

Good morning.
Hope you're having a good week. If not I wish it gets better. Mine was so-so and it results in no art from me for few days but it seems back to ok.

[selfawerness as a way]

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Teespring, through which I have offered t-shirts in the past, is now offering to make "plushies":
I'd have to sell at least 300 of them to go into production. Is there demand for an Angel O' Death plushie, at $25 to $30 a pop? Should I do this?
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A lot of new people here and some of you use the #bwPhotoCollective hashtag so I wanted to let you know what it is.

I created it over a year ago when I started a #Telegram #photography group of the same name. The collective is about creating black&white photos on given topic. Rules are simple:
- it has to be black and white
- it has to be your photo
- add the topic so everobody knows which one it is.

All past topics are to be found on telegram

Boosts appreciated.

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Topic: tree bark

Nb 1

If you want to join the challenge, post yours here on mastodon with #bwPhotoCollective hashtag or to the BW Photo Collective telegram group (handle: BlackWhite_Photography, feel free to ask for invitation if the search engine doesn't find it)

#bwPhotography  #Photography #PhotographyChallenge

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Some new progress here. Hope I can finish it the same way as I played with the nib too carelessly and spent nearly an hour trying to get it back to good shape...

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Good morning.
Another hundred of these although this time with many days skipped in between. Let's continue this .

[rethinking, re-evaluation, rearrangement]

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Thank you everyone who bought my calendars in the past and who declared their interest and encouraged me or simply commented on my works. It was a very nice adventure and as I said I didn't decide to fully abandon it yet, just thinking of focusing on something else for the rest of this year and then I'll see.

Here are all the calendars:

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All the calendars will still be available for purchase with future dates.

Also I am not sure if I'll stop doing them, make one year break or maybe even still have something to offer this year even without a bigger project.

But I want to make things meaningful for people, not just for me so unless I'll hear about more interest from people I don't feel like I should continue.

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I was hoping to make people interested in the idea by making these calendars as pretty and interesting as I could. Writing my own stories, illustrating them all.

Don't get me wrong please, I am not complaining or something. I just want to close it somehow by telling the story.

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Ok I'm close to the final decision but before I want to tell you why I was doing it all since I think I never made it clear enough.

The whole calendars idea was about going offline more. Start engaging in the physical world again.

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Hey #comics and #webcomics creators, I have a question:

Do you have a website dedicated to your own comic? If so, where / how did you make it? 🤔

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