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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. ~ Anne Lamott

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The Calyx Institute

Introducing CalyxOS: cybersecurity and counter-surveillance for your phone

The Calyx Institute is excited to announce the launch of a new security and censorship prevention project: #CalyxOS for #Android phones!

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There's an alternative to Reddit on the Fediverse, it's called Prismo.

The first instance is here, and is open for sign-ups:

The project's Mastodon account is here:


Federation is still being worked on, but you can already follow Prismo users and comment on their posts from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

For example, here's the lead developer's Prismo account:


#Prismo #Reddit

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Check out the #FreedomBox flyer that we're handing out at #LibrePlanet this weekend.

Come to our table to get your copy!

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If you are in the Seattle area why don't you go to the Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest? I wish I could go but I live hundreds and hundreds of miles away LOL

and when you are there please drop by the #SDF Public Access UNIX System @SDF booth and maybe say HI to @smj πŸ˜… !

#vcf #vcfpnw

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@ben scaling requirements will still obsolete Mastodon eventually
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But the government-issued alert warned that Medtronic’s proprietary radio communications protocol, known as Conexus, wasn’t encrypted and did not require authentication, allowing a nearby attacker with radio-intercepting hardware to modify data on an affected defibrillator.

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would anyone be interested in some sort of distributed AP roundtable discussion that is livestreamed?

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Who are we using for less-awful-than-GoDaddy Wordpress hosting these days? Needs to have a control panel intelligible to normies.

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I'm like 90% sure that if we switched to a 20 hour workweek the same amount of work would get done

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"Her 93-year-old husband doesn't even have a smartphone and has become a shut-in because of the new system."


"Latch is used in at least 1,000 apartment buildings across the city and many newer tenants of the 45th Street building don't mind using the app to access the building lobby, elevator and mailboxes."

Just wow.

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fuck rails to trails

leave the tracks in and put passenger service on them

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allowing the admin to have confidence in knowing that what actions they choose to have happen in a filter are what will actually happen is the principal design goal of MRF.

mastodon's domain and user block systems on the other hand do not effectively convey the effects of their use. silencing users to remove them from FTL imposes many other effects, such as rejecting public interactions without an active relationship: this is why it is commonly referred to by me as a "default block."
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Daniels work has also inspired other projects

I also hear that Calyx Institute are working on an AOSP fork. Think there'll be an announcement soon.

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Okay, doing to deploy this MRF policy, any message having β€œ://women are” (without the spaces) will be destroyed.

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Instagram Import is 99% finished, I can't wait to ship this huge feature! #pixelfed #pixeldev

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In Osona Sud, Catalonia the distribution of Guifinet nodes is superdense. It's like the William Gibson saying that the future is here but not evenly distributed. Some areas of the world are already living in the future of decentralized user-owned network infrastructure.

If anyone says that mesh networks are impractical or don't scale to a municipal level then Catalonia is a good showcase of it working. Obviously not all of these thousands of nodes are highly tech-savvy anarcho-hackers, so this is something which can work "for the people".
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