My objection to binary executables that Just Work has diminished in my old age

I haven't used it a lot yet, but so far I'm impressed with as a plug-and-play ultralight github/gitlab workalike... it's written in , so it's just a binary that you run ... even on ARM.

Why is sticking a spurious chunk of path in front of the proper directory when specifying a static image -_-

tired: centralized embeddable comment sections
wired: ActivityPub embeddable comment sections

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masto moderation technical fix Show more

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masto moderation discourse Show more

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masto moderation discourse Show more

(Generalizing about people's moral fiber based on nothing more than what software they use is triggering to me, it would appear. Time to close the tab and do some actual work that might end up making this whole big wonderful thing go.)

Speaking of wonambi, one guess as to who has been helpful *at all* in my painful bootstrapping process to grok ActivityPub... Mastodon developers, or Pleroma developers?

Anyway, the Daily Dot article and various other people being Wrong On The Internet makes me want to work on wonambi more, but I'm still recovering from the holidays and somehow killed the Pleroma server I was using to reverse engineer stuff... guess I'll get that back online.

Somebody, somewhere, will build it. So prepare.

Search & discoverability is coming to the whether anyone likes it or not. is an open platform. These features are coming, one way or another.

If this might be problematic for you or people you care about, it would be good for you to start planning for this now. Because it IS going to happen, in the same way that gene-edited babies happened.

(-) subtooting fedi drama 🌶 Show more

(-) subtooting fedi drama 🌶 Show more

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I think this article is trying to say what we've known for a long time. If you don't agree with mastodon's development, then use a fork or alternative. They exist.

(-) subtooting fedi drama 🌶 Show more

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thoughts on the dailydot mastodon article Show more

Here's the legit bone to pick in that article:

> “Pull requests take higher precedence because people actually put in the work to contribute,” Rochko said.

... 😬 :blobfacepalm:

yeahhhh bud, you got a lot of learning to do about community management.

I mean, the was cool for a hot minute back in 2014, but it's been a "same 10 stories below the fold as above the fold, but in different layout" journalistic dead end for a while now.

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