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To be clear: I reserve exactly the same amount of tooth & claw for left-wing authoritarians as I do for right-wing authoritarians.

hmm, my first Emergency Broadband Benefit application rejected due to info I gave to T-Mo not matching info I gave to the govt??

bill's due in 2 days and I don't actually have the money to cover the first month... need my Obamaphone :ablobcatbongo:

in other semi-related news I've found a $20 pair of antennas I can use to likely get a very respectable gain in signal strength with the LTE modem, so that's good.. the rubber duckies included with the device aren't that great

I'm such a terrible delete-and-redraft offender, because the act of posting is what allows my mind to perceive certain types of mistakes

I wonder how what the cache hit rate would be on a squid instance that's a non-transparent(?) proxy which handles https properly

based on my browsing habits I mean, which can include plenty of tumblr at times.

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actual footage of me touching any remotely metallic surface for the next four months

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Some of the oldest SDF hardware. This 3b2/310 was a secondary host to the main SDF 3b2/500 in the 1990s


#vintage #unix #computer #bbs

okay so evidently T-Mobile does throttle some plans

however I sweet-talked them into putting me on a phone plan (as opposed to whatever weird one I was on before due to BYOD with an LTE modem) and while it's unclear whether it throttles or deprioritizes, it reset my monthly data limit so I have another couple weeks to figure out some caching and the like.

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I suppose also the RF environment could have got worse overnight.

I have a $20 set of antennas in my Amazon cart that will likely improve my reception drastically over the rubber duckies which came with the LTE modem/router

just need to get the $20 to actually buy them

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I am so fricking glad I set up an apt package cache long before attempting to use LTE as my primary internet

welp apparently my deprioritization cap on my new 4G internet is 50GB/mo, I hit that overnight and service is glacially slow this morning

I have a hard time believing the cell tower is congested this early, but I've also done absolutely zero tuning of which cell and which band my modem connects to, so maybe it is.

supposedly T-mo doesn't throttle and only deprioritizes but I'm getting kbps-class speeds

okay not only did T-Mobile shell out for the name-brand hold music, it's album versions, not radio edits

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at some point I need to nick a 900MHz DSSS portable phone off ebay

finally get my brain consolidated to call T-Mobile and there's a 2-hour wait :uhm:

they're shelling out the big bucks for name-brand hold music, tho, Billy Joel is crooning at me out of my late-90s speakerphone (I'm calling about mobile data, I don't even have a working cellphone right now)

Whereas my own misbehavior has been my cue to quit reddit (multiple times, sigh), with Facebook this time it's more about the knowledge that literally nothing Mark Zuckerberg is involved with is in any way good for humanity, and in fact Facebook has already been involved in genocide and will inevitably be involved in more, so it's long past time to stop participating.

My phone is STILL broken and I only access Facebook on my phone in a special wrapper app, and in the weeks I haven't used it, I have missed it precisely 0 times.

That in itself is a bit of a mission accomplished, though I had a lot of help from Zucc in the way he made his sites into grindingly depressing and un-fun dystopias. (dystopiae?)

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For my next act in the coming weeks/days, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna opt out of Facebook for the last time, but there are a couple of people I need to re-establish contact with first because I'm not in touch with them on any other medium.

I'm currently wiping most of my reddit history in preparation to delete the password to my general-purpose account.

I might keep one for mental health stuff but the accout where I've baited people, no matter HOW much they need it, is getting locked.

I do get something out of reddit but even leaving out commenting, I think the availability of fake internet voting is bad for my outlook.

This is overdue anyway, I try not to keep any identity on corporate social media for longer than 18 months.

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Moonshell acts as an mp3 player. In addition to my whole music library, I loaded up the DS with audiobooks, including several kids audiobooks from #archivedotorg. My child loves listening to "the audiobook" as we call it on car rides.

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