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The previous toot brought to you by text-align-last and by daring to dream of conditional text-align based on whether the text has wrapped or not.

So a problem I have with is that they keep adding more features to replicate stuff you could just *decide to do* if you were laying stuff out by hand, which drives the following pattern:

Me: oh, I can do _____ now! cool.
Me: *does it*
Me: hrm :think_bread:
Me: would look a little better if...

And, nope. You have now immediately arrived at the frontier du jour of what you can do with CSS and no Javascript.

The process is so fast for the user of CSS, and adding features to it is so slow.

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Masto Linux experts! Please accept my humble request for advice. Show more

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Masto Linux experts! Please accept my humble request for advice. Show more

(-) software / ux fail 🌶️ Show more

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Don't lose your time by switching from an account to another one, just to find a toot for a reply, a fav or a boost.
#Mastalab allows you to do it quickly with a long click on the reply/boost/fav buttons. It will work even if the toot is unknown by the other instance #tips

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So I guess the 80s cordless phone wouldn't be having a tiff with a jerk base station 20 times a day like my 2010s cordless phone does with that stupid Comcast box. :thinkingcat:

Also, I really need to get an access point working. This Comcast one haaaaaaaaaates my phone.

Tfw you gotta walk around with the cordless phone for better reception but the "cordless phone" is a handheld supercomputer with a 144Mbps wifi link rate & 80/8Mbps broadband but your roommate's Bluetooth speaker is on the same channel. It's just like 25Mhz cordless phones and baby monitors in the 80s except you could sometimes hear the neighbors back then. How far we've come!

Anyway, I solved the problem by switching to LTE, where I can pull 25Mbps from half a mile away. Future normal is wild.

Dire Bobcat (17HD Large Animal)

STR 24 DEX 21 CON 17
INT 2 WIS 12 CHA 6

Bite 2d4+7
Claw x2 1d8+3
Rake x2 1d8+3 (only with Pounce)

Attack: Bite
Full attack: Claw Claw Bite
Pounce: Charge and Rake x2 if Bite hits or when grappled

AC 20 / Touch 14 / Flat 15
Speed 50 / Climb 30

The Dire Bobcat makes an exceptional lightweight and highly mobile melee fighter, capable of serious damage when pouncing.

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I'm trying to put together an introductory class for a group that is starting up in , ND. I was wondering if any of y'all and literate folk might have any particular interactive bash that you would recommend? I'm seeing many on the google; personal recommendation by anybody with the know will help me sort things out quite a bit. ;)

Thanks in advance!

blocklist derp Show more

blocklist derp Show more

Comcast equipment question 🌶️ Show more

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My family is on Facebook Show more

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Dear free and open source community,

I want you to recommend projects that welcome people that never contributed to FOSS before. I am planning to do a workshop this year to encourage people to make their first contributions. What I need:

- A page explaining how they could contribute.
- General recommendations and documentation.
- Where they can contact people involved in such projects in case they have questions.

take, of the "there are 10 kinds of people" variety Show more

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#SciHub HTTPS Certs Revoked by Comodo

"#Comodo … responded to a court order which compelled it to revoke four certificates … [but] domains and are fully operational with certificates issued by #LetsEncrypt, a free and open certificate authority supported by the likes of #Mozilla, #EFF … and other prominent tech companies."

#publishing #science #Elsevier