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The thing is... I know I'm cool and interesting... But a new toner cartridge DID just improve my Friday night

Aw helllll yeeuh, this new toner cartridge is producing dark darks. I am satisfied with my purchase thus far

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@nightpool This quote nails it:
"The worst part is that as an artist, it feels like your own fault. We’re used to a world where if you put something out there that’s good, people see it and share it. But that’s just not true in this world. Someone can make something really good, and just because of some weird algorithmic reasons, or if it’s not designed specifically for Facebook, it doesn’t do well. And then it becomes impossible to know what a good thing to make is anymore. "

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SPC transparency announcement:

The site currently automatically NSFW-spoilers images from the following domains:

No content is blocked or censored, no federation-breaking, just defaulting some sites as NSFW.

This is being done via custom plugin, code provided on request.
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I’d probably raise their allowance and take them out to a really nice dinner.
Parents, what would you do if your child lectured and ridiculed a U.S. Senator on national television?

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Progress report on Mastodon v2.3: Search more, deploy faster, and polish all around

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Better security training: watch season one of "Mr Robot", then burn all your electronics and move to a cabin.

Deep dive on the pros & cons of using IBM's to help treat cancer, and the huge challenges involved:

tl;dr: it's still in its infancy, basically Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in a box (with docs from there feeding it all it knows sort of like Mechanical Turk workers), with all the problems and biases that implies, but it's got a lot of promise treating people in areas with no oncology experts

"Moxie and I share a belief that the best way to continue to ensure the universal availability of high-security and low-cost communications services like Signal is to do so through a foundation structure that is free of the inherent limitations of a for-profit company."

Yessss it's to be a 501(c)(3)

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Congratulations to Moxie and the Signal team! It's good to see them getting the funding they deserve.

Lifetime investment: $20 printer, $20 jetdirect box, $15 stick of RAM to make it go faster. And now $26 in toner for another 2500 pages.

The only downside: it doesn't always come back from deep sleep, so I stuck a timer on it to power cycle it daily at 4am.

The only time I ever need to print color is for photos, and I can do that online and pick them up at the drug store or have them mailed to me. I never need touch a horrible consumer inkjet again. God I love this thing. Okay, I'm done.

This is the built-in test page I just printed from my using the failing toner cartridge. This machine has firmware dating to 1998 and has printed over 18,000 pages in its lifetime, over a thousand of those since I bought it nearly a *decade* ago, for $20, with the toner cartridge I'm just now replacing. I've cleaned it *once.* If paper jams, I pull it out and it works again, end of story.

I finally had to buy new toner for my Laserjet 1100, like 9 years after I bought the thing (with existing toner) off Craigslist for $20. It actually still works, it's just getting faded and splotchy and shaking didn't help.

Inkjet can bite me.

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"Everything we do to make it harder to create a website or edit a web page, and harder to learn to code by viewing source, promotes that consumerist vision of the web.

Pretending that one needs a team of professionals to put simple articles online will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Overcomplicating the web means lifting up the ladder that used to make it possible for people to teach themselves and surprise everyone with unexpected new ideas."


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There’s a new menu item in the Facebook app labeled “Protect.” Clicking it will prompt you to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service called Onavo. Unsurprisingly, it's not a VPN: it's corporate spyware.
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@jerry you would understand the security risks here much better than I, but as a consumer I would prefer "pay us, let us mine while you're reading, or leave" to "pay us or leave", especially if it eliminates some or all ads in the process.

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Yeah, not all alternatives are good alternatives. I don't think that sneakily using other people's computers to make money is a good solution, and neither is sneakily tracking users. Locking news behind a paywall means that poor people just won't get news, and that's also a problem.

Ideally, a solution would decouple the act of reading an article from the act of payment. Would a Patreon-like model work? It would be a huge shift in culture, but we need that.

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@jerry I fully support websites mining crypto currency. In fact I think that could be a viable alternative revenue stream. I would also like to see websites suggest the Brave Browser and the BAT (Basic Attention Token) for revenue as well. Anything that helps get rid of ads.

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I see a lot of complaining here about Salon’s decision to mine currency if a visitor is using an ad blocker. No income means no paid staff. Mining currency is likely a less risky proposition than allowing ads (for now at least).

The mantra for a long time about the changes brought about by the internet (ala RIAA/MPAA) is “adapt or die”. Here we have a company attempting to adapt and people are throwing rocks at it.

What is a better alternative?