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as might seem curious but in such a way that your learned cynicism deprives you of surprise, the rich are remarkably inept at managing wealth:

> The tragedy of digital media isn’t that it’s run by ruthless, profiteering guys in ill-fitting suits; it’s that the people posing as the experts know less about how to make money than their employees, to whom they won’t listen.

why is it that so many workplaces work the very same way?

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capitalists eat capitalism 

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re: “The Adults in the Room” 

Possible concerns I heard/thought of:

* Inrush currents
* Ability of +24V supply to handle fast PWM of up to a couple amps total
* Switching time / "smearing" of PWM pulses
* EMI/RFI that could mess with a nearby Raspberry Pi type device on the same 5V supply
* Are the resistor values right
* Do we need capacitors in here somewhere

Now on the Cargo-Culted EE Design Hour:

I've found this suggested circuit to drive some LED strips (analog, 5-channel RGB+CCT) with the TLC59711 PWM IC which @catoutofbed recommended to me ages ago.

The IC has nice features which should prevent flicker unlike many others, but it's not designed for driving strips. It's an open-drain device. Thus the workaround.

I have concerns, but no EE skill to know what may be wrong with this. Total current thru each channel shouldn't exceed 500mA, though.

If I set up a browser to work thru a SOCKS proxy (eg over ssh), is DNS resolved thru the proxy or locally?

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The new #kdenlive 19.08 is looking phenomenal!

I never wanted to stop using it in the first place, back when it was still unstable prior to the massive code refactor, and from what I can see so far it looks like I might be able to come back to my favourite #NLE!

The new features and workflows are outstanding. My next video will undoubtedly be edited on here.

Thank you for the amazing work Kdenlive devs. Absolutely fantastic.

#KDE #libre #FOSS #FLOSS #videoediting

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this toot travels near the speed of light to bring you big news:

Pixelfed actually federates now. We did it folks.

#ad #pixelfed

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it's pretty #cyberpunk how normal people talk about "The Algorithm" in conversation

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unionizing tech 

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<< The average person tends to have either less than eight tabs open, or to add tabs without organization until declaring “tab bankruptcy” and starting fresh. >>

yeah, I'm the... second one

(checks browser; it reports 'new mathematical research needed in order to determine if your number of open tabs is even theoretically countably infinite')

I figure I can stick LED strips to the middle sections there and this would serve both as mounting for the LEDs, plus heat sink.

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Speaking of ✨ lamps ✨ and electronics, I have a question: if I'm trying to drive a 24V LED strip with MOSFETs or similar hanging off a computer running at 5V, do I need to have a source at like 25.6V rather than 24V in order to counter voltage drop in the driver transistors?

so as it turns out, extruded aluminum heat sink pretty much does not come in square tubes with the fins on the inside...

I want 360 degree light distribution from LED strips. I may need to fall back on some 80/20 T-slot framing material for a mounting piece + heat sink.

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@graydon that said, my constant concern is that people bolt that weak left critique of free speech onto valid concerns regarding weaponisation, and -- together with the fact that the far right uses free speech as an empty rallying cry -- abandon free expression as a value to centralised control once again. even though it was the early assymetric advantage of cheap speech to silenced and disenfranchised groups that drove IMHO much of the new renaissance of the left in the last decade

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@graydon no, I hear you: I disagree with the assessment that the far right have some sort of structural advantage in an era of cheap speech. I don’t think it’s surprising that they would take advantage of it (the primary surprise for me was that it took so long), but I don’t think I could convince you of that in a few short toots. I can only encourage you to investigate how your peers reached the political conclusions they did, and also observe what tools succeed best.

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