The number of bug reports in the comments on the Cinnamon beta announcement blog post is not encouraging after suffering through 18. I know they recently reorganized their dev teams with a major new focus in quality but if 19 is as buggy as 18.... meh I think I might just switch to an Ubuntu flavor. My machines both need a reinstall *now*, one of them doesn't even boot due to me sleep-deprivedly overwriting /boot.

Hrrrrrrrg okay does anybody know how buggy the latest is or isn't?

@deutrino I tried #LinuxMint 18 after having mixed feelings with it in the past, and just installed #Ubuntu 18 on top of it after a few days. I find Ubuntu keeps getting better while Mint is wandering. I also enjoyed #ElementaryOS quite a bit on a less powerful laptop in the past, but I don't know where it stands nowadays.

@moormaan Yeah I am definitely going to try elementaryOS on an old laptop soon. Thanks for the info!

@moormaan @deutrino I still wish there were a Linux distro that supported key chorded full screen zoom out of box. Compiz has it but nobody integrates that these days?

@deutrino Why do you have trouble with Linux Mint and others don't? Are you running old hardware?

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