Mastodon isn't a great replacement for #tumblr. It's far more ephemeral, it's terrible for browsing historical posts, the media uploading capability is just barely functional, and discovery is non-existent.

Tumblr was for blogging, not microblogging. The UX was awful and the community worked around it, but it did some things the community wanted particularly well.

They'll jump to another corporate platform because nothing in the #Fediverse is both a good fit and visible enough to draw them.

@gdorn It depends on what people want out of their platform.

I'll concede that it's a night-and-day difference, and Mastodon lacks the kind of customization that a lot of Tumblrites like, but the content and community capabilities are certainly there.

There's also nothing stopping someone from writing a Tumblresque platform that integrates with the fediverse. In fact, support for multiple types of activities actually meshes pretty well with ActivityPub's use-case.


@deadsuperhero I'm not sure anybody is working on an ActivityPub platform with multimedia-focused ease-of-use (both upload and scroll) as a primary goal. But the projects are popping up like mushrooms, so maybe somebody is.

I'm working with @gdorn on our (currently much lower-level) project with the primary goal of making a federated tumblr, but it's a LONG way off right now.

@Shinra @deutrino @deadsuperhero @gdorn pixelfed dev said it's not ready and suggested and instead.

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