tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

@deutrino @jeffcliff

Kids shouldn't really own computers till they are able to program them.

(probably this apply to parents too... but it's something people don't want to hear and corporations don't want to be heard. 😉)

I work in tech world.

And I will all the apps , #foss installed on all devices



@noorul @deutrino

#fOSS does not, by itself, grant you any #privacy.

It does ONLY if you personally review the code and build it yourself.

Yes, you may have a point.

I like to share something with you here, i came across a research studying resulting that what many of individuals can be absolutely right compared to an individual expert says.

You get what I mean here? Many individual minds is powerful than an expert's mind.

So I'd say a #foss app is safe, secure & private audit and review by many individuals out there.

Don't you agree, Shamar ?



Uhm... no.

I've faced enough #GroupThink among large group of experts and non experts, and enough arrogance among experts to conclude that

1. Intelligence doesn't scale just by increasing communication channels
2. Experts are _usually_ _mostly_ right, but sometimes they simply lack good sense, producing terrible and totally predictable outcomes.

Whenever you talk with an expert listen carefully BUT critically.
Ask questions. NEVER assume they know better. No question is stupid.



Whenever you agree with everybody around you on a topic, sit down, write down the statement you all agree on, check you really all agree on this and then prepend it with a question: "WHAT ARE WE MISSING?"

When everybody agree on something, it's unlikely they have really understood the matter.

More likely the community have severeal wide blind spots and they will NEVER be able to identify them without external help (that they should welcome not refuse).



As for #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource (I refuse to use #flOSS / #fOSS as both terms marginalize #hackers) no, you CAN NOT trust binaries you don't build by yourself after a careful read of the source code.

Same goes for proprietary software.

The fact that something is #FS or #OSS say nothing about its security by itself. Small projects don't get many code reviews until they becomes huge monsters nobody can review fully without huge upfront investments.

Now, can we trust #Debian?



#Debian is my own favorite GNU/Linux distribution, the one whose values made me join the #FreeSoftware movement.

But the answer is NO.

They will never put a #backdoor in your software but they are not bugfree either, they had a few security branches over the years, and a small recently discovered apt vulnerability shows that even with the best will, nobody can trust anybody in IT.

Is proprietary software safer?



But if you don't read the code yourself and compile it by yourself on a trusted machine with a trusted compiler, you renounce to the ONLY real security advantage of having the source code.

It's still better than #proprietary software, but not #safe, by any mean.

Now I learnt that we need a trusted machine and compiler for safe built.

My system is trust machine where as I dont audit compiler

Interesting about what you say about terms, #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource.

You please elabratore further on this topic so I start practising good terms.

And I don't understand what it connects #hackers

I accept your point of #Debian as not secure platform.

This is why #fsf #gnu #Trisquel people are recommending Trisquel



Uhm... no.

AFAIK #Debian is the most secure #Linux distribution out there.

Just you cannot BLINDLY trust them.

There are two different and orthogonal aspects we are talking: #Freedom and #Security.

#FSF people prefer #Trisquel because of freedom, not because of security.

Freedom MIGHT produce security IF AND ONLY IF people use such freedom plenty, which means they build an habit to study the code of #FreeSoftware they use.

If you don't want to do that, don't expect security.



This is very good question. 😉

In the context of software, I would define "secure" any program that produces all effects that all its users want it to produce and no other effect except those.


Yea, it is reasonable.

I don't think Debian is secure than, it ships with systemd and openssl.


Now you CAN choose to #trust #Debian once you knows and fully understand the risks.

Just like you CAN choose to trust #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook or #Mozilla.

I trust Debian to a certain extent, but I know that I'm trading #security for #convenience.

And just to be clear: trusting Debian is WAY less risky than trusting Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Mozilla!

But the security of Debian (and Free Software in general) depends on developers that do NOT trust them.



My point though is that neither #FreeSoftware nor #OpenSource imply #security.

Some free software projects are more secure than others (and #Debian is quite secure) just like some proprietary software are more secure than others.

But if you don't read the code, it might be proprietary as well! 😉


I take it as joke that not auditing is bad practice.




As for #FreeSoftware vs #OpenSource:

The gist is:

- Free Software is a byproduct of #hackers' ethics which is built around #curiosity
- Open Source is a #marketing tool, whose goals depends on who control it (either improve your resume or destroy an adversary, or establish a monopoly and so on..)

Like saying "FLOSS binaries are safe to install" is dangerous because it's wrong, saying "FS and OSS are the same thing" is dangerous because it's exactly as wrong.

You are interesting to me. You see many things in your own perspective.

I can't argue that is bad. You may be right or wrong.

I decline the point #OpenSource is merely marketing term/tool.

Open source gives you basic access to see , audit and build from source.

On additional, #FreeSoftware enables you to modify and redistribute.

Put it this way, level 1 is open source and level 2 is #free software.

and I love and support #FreeSoftware.

So to answer my own question, I should be start using #FreeSoftware term instead #OpenSource or #foss / #floss

I totally get your point here.

We can blindly trust any #foss binary built.

I depend on official depositary built from #Debian, #Gnu, #Fdroid


tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

@deutrino Is it just me who finds this kinda ironic. She teaches her kids the importance of privacy and then brags about it on one of the least privacy respecting social medias there is.

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

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