I wonder if I could be any good at Android development, because I'll be damned if there isn't still a need for a Google Calendar reminders workalike in Y2K19. (A mission-critical need for me, at any rate, and I suspect others who have a complex relationship with linear time.)

But like. It'd be so much more a thing I might actually do if I could get even $50/mo out of it. And I would open source it and I just don't know how well beg-ware gets compensated, even for cool fedi devs.


I have always liked UI/UX work though, I feel like mobile apps might be an area where I could shine? The other I suspect being whatever Venn diagram contains both microcontrollers and weird glue code (I first got paid to code in high school, developing automated ways to transmogrify & normalize previously hand-edited scientific bibliographies.)

Next question, since I have come to appreciate the feng shui of my environments in shaping my willingness to do a thing: what are good ways to develop on without touching a lick of Java?

I'll entertain any suggestion that's both stable/unlikely to bite me with its own bugs, and has a reasonably large userbase exercising it. I personally enjoy Python but I'm open to other cool languages.

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