Be it known that I have made it this far - February 15, 2019 - without installing Node on a machine of mine.

That era is now at an end. 😔🕯️


Ah yes good, instructions on installing Node from official binary packages, step 1: curl into bash as root.

Binary system packages. You know, .debs, which .... and I may be out on a limb here, but which I *THINK* have a well-established means of installation that isn't curl into bash as root?

@deutrino NodeJS terrifies me exactly because they actually have that as a first step when it doesn't have to be and really shouldn't be. I have installed it a couple of times before but never outside of a VM or container.

Maybe I am too concerned but if "just be root so it works" is the attitude for installing it makes me concerned that it's dev community is the same.

@msh @deutrino Hopefully some new-generation package managers like Nix and Guix will mostly stop the "become root for trivial reasons" thing

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