I just want to hack. I don't want to spend a goddamn week each learning $framework1, $framework2, .., $frameworkN, and then another O(n^2) worth of my life force learning how to combine them. God damn.


I taught myself assembly language with nothing but a book, paper notebooks, and a computer with one (1) floppy drive, when I was 16. I am sick of all these fucking frameworks.

I think need to either code microcontrollers or nothing at all.

The rate of obsolescence is maddening. I don't fucking WANT to spend so much of my time learning MORE FRAMEWORKS.

I've done a lot of Common Lisp, and while there are libraries, of course, there isn't much in the way of frameworks.

I believe it's because the language makes it so easy to do these things on the fly when needed so your typical framework would be about 5 lines of code in Lisp.

Yes, this was a message from Lisp marketing

@deutrino microcontrollers and, to some extent, game consoles, I say

(okay there's like a ton of FRAMEWORKS(tm) and GAME ENGINES for every console where there's homebrew but none of them are very good and people just make them because that's what they like to make)

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