schadenfreude, possibly unjustified, StackExchange 

I'm gonna be honest, I'm amused to see StackExchange The Company experiencing an open revolt of unpaid volunteers.

StackExchange The Network has been a more unpleasant experience than it ever had to be from day one, in large part due to chronic mismanagement by StackExchange The Company.

And now, like all for-profit social media companies *inevitably must*, they are fucking over the people who actually power the site :gnikniht:

schadenfreude, possibly unjustified, StackExchange 

@deutrino I have something like a 25K bank of points on stackoverflow.

I basically quit at a certain point - the governance was messed up, the jackasses rose to the top, and it was all in service of StackExchangeCorp's profits.

I like the service, but the entire governance process is a joke.

schadenfreude, possibly unjustified, StackExchange 

@deutrino It's a real shame that all that useful information is under the control of one company, because SE is such a crucial resource for many people both inside and outside the communities they house.

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