will not support activitypub, closes issue requesting implementation, over $500 in BountySource bounties to be refunded

@deutrino and has really good reasons to do so. Did you read them?

@fla @deutrino I believe you're responding to a criticism that was absent from the original post. This was purely informational.

@deutrino To be particular, the last comment shows nothing has changed. What core #diaspora team says is "this isn't our priority in any immediate future". Users request to add AP, but no developer has so far stepped up and said they are ready to start working on it. I think this is a small but important detail. After all, glitch-soc was born out of forking Mastodon by those who wanted changes - several features were ported to upstream since then.

@d599f84e More like Mastodon on steroids. I don't think diaspora has any forks, so far.

@deutrino Goodbye Diaspora.

After Ilya passed on, you have lost your vision anyway.

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