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Guy Brenner

Global Intelligence Services & Training Manager

7h: Edited
Facebook, you never cease to amaze me.
Yesterday, both of my personal #Facebook and #Instagram profiles were intentionally
disabled by the world’s greatest privacy violator in the history of mankind, AKA Facebook
Why? Because I work for a company called #NSO Group, and according to their statements,
have found and used vulnerabilities in their #WhatsApp architecture, to provide security
agencies and governments sophisticated tools to prevent thenext 9/11

Are you serious, Facebook? Are you personally “punishing” past and current company
employees? You're acting like a #cyberbully, not a justice seeker.

Would you like the US government to take personal actions against your employees for your

How would you feel if the wife of that product manager from Menlo Park, would cry all night
because she's scared?

I ust wonder how well that #Libra project will work once you encounter a transaction you
wor't bea fan of. Welllet me take a guess, you'll take control over our money

One last thing, you've done a pretty terrible job blocking so many false-positives (employees’
spouses, friends, etc.), give mea call so I can help you with your link-analysis work. You've
got my number.

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