So, since Startpage sold out to data brokers, I need a new daily driver search engine.

The thing I hate WORST about web search in These Troubling Times is when I type something into the box and the search engine decides it knows better than me what I typed, and searches for something else instead.

The best feature of Startpage was its relative avoidance of this, to the point I switched from DuckDuckGo.

I just tried searX and it did this on my very first searches, so that's out.


I decided to try DuckDuckGo again and hope that it "helps" less than it did when I bailed on it a couple years ago.

I'm also starting to suspect that this pet peeve of mine outs me as an Old Internet User. Granted I was still in high skool & working as a peon at a research lab, but my 486DX4-100 had a .gov domain with my username in it back when Altavista was hot shit.

Show thread, okay, 10 or 15 searches later and yeah, I cannot switch back to DuckDuckGo. The relevance is absolutely abysmal compared to Startpage, it's like trying to do needlepoint after sticking my hands in a snowbank :|

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I really want to know if DuckDuckGo turned on the "I decided you *actually* searched for [x], so here's a bunch of trash results for that instead of what you typed" in order to boost revenue. Which is, I can quite confidently presume, the reason Google turned that feature on so many years ago.

Like seriously, I'm curious. What other reason is there to do it? I can't believe they're unaware of how incredibly terrible the feature is for anyone searching for documents which use technical language.

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Granted most people seem to loathe such behavior less than I do. But I left Google because of it, I left DuckDuckGo because of it. I can't be the only one.

(And yes, it's occurred to me that maybe I'm just "Old Internet.")

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Startpage countinues to show a small ad as first result, based on our last search. No profiling, declared as best feature of this search engine.
At the moment, nothing is changed. Why do you think that data brokers (new owners) are so dangerous for us?

@morven I'm actually curious how potentially terrible the Startpage buyout is as well. The company is (unskillfully) trying to claim it's not bad, they're a separate entity, etc. @faoluin

@deutrino @morven Problem is, we've heard this one before. We've heard it so many times to the point where we're more surprised when it's *true*.

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