I find it rather amusing that we see articles about Chinese surveillance and social credit system daily, yet there is a deafening silence regarding Western governments doing largely the same things. It's as if the focus on China is just a cynical distraction from what's being done to us here in the West.

@yogthos I don't think it's similar. people in China are prevented from traveling if they have a bad credit score for one example. With regard to what's being done in the West, most people just don't care because it doesn't impact their daily life (Chinese social credit does, heavily)

@moonman I'd say people in the West are just impacted differently. For example, your credit rating largely acts as a social credit score here. Meanwhile, the data collected is used to decide things like your eligibility for insurance and so on, largely without you knowing it.

So, people are most definitely affected, but they're largely not aware of it because it's done silently behind their back.


@yogthos You should have seen how fast I walked into an apartment in a city with a housing crunch after I manipulated my FICO score above 800 @moonman

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