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check out Joe, centering & implicitly validating the perennial conservative framing of social welfare. dear old empathetic Joe! he's such a swell guy, if a little dotty sometimes.

uspol, Democrats 

@deutrino Okay...I don't want to be a Joe Biden apologist here...but that bit at the end sounds way more hopeful than normal talk of bootstraps.
I mean...Biden and crew are *absolutely* going to fuck things up. Just...I'm trying to be positive when I can, you know?


uspol, Democrats 

@john I hear you and I don't disagree with that way of approaching it. However, I've been betrayed far too many times by the party I supported for many years, and it's exactly the kind of framing displayed in the tweet which is directly harmful to people who need help.

Brunch-set Democrats are not a friend to me & people like me, and until they either adjust their outlook or lose their grip on power, it's open season.

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