The so-called Left in the United States has a *huge* problem with not only tolerating but elevating destructive assholes.

I watched this dynamic destroy what started out as a very successful Occupy Wall Street demonstration in my city, and I've watched it plenty of times since, especially in the fediverse teapot.

Even people whose opinions I otherwise respect have bent the knee to people who claim to be on the right side of history, but who are in fact giant assholes.

Enough is enough.

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If you can't rally the cognitive & emotional & institutional resources necessary to identify destructive behavior and remove people who repeatedly engage in it, you have absolutely no business running or participating in any sort of social movement.

This is a fundamental truth for *any* long-term concerted mass effort, and until it's well handled among US leftists, people who want to see left policy goals enacted will continue to accomplish very little.

@deutrino The right doesn't like studying, period, and the left doesn't like studying history.

This isn't the first time, people! It's especially bad if it's people you otherwise respect.

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