I'm still having anxiety about houses with basements on the "how many levels does this building have?" quest

ugh and i'm pretty sure I have to complete that quest for a structure before I can answer additional questions about it!

@deutrino The general advice I remember reading is "if you aren't sure, just put down what you do know." What I usually do is, if I can count the floors, I put that and just assume there's no basements, otherwise I leave it blank.

I guess you could also go look up real estate listings.

@faoluin there isn't any real consistent guidance on this, here's an example:

there are like 3 different answers in just one small thread.

I think I'm gonna end up doing this:

* if the basement only has teeny windows near the top of its walls and is mostly underground: not a level.

* if the basement has more normal windows and/or an entrance door and/or at least one wall most/all above grade.... it's a level??


@deutrino Yeah, it's kind of a best effort thing. I guess the idea is if someone lives there or knows the place, they can go fix it. Idk. :P

@faoluin from the wiki "For the purposes of this tag, 'ground level' is defined to be the lowest entrance to a building."

so (contradicting one of the reddit commenters) it looks like if the basement has an access door, it's the ground level even if it's surrounded with earth on 3.5 sides.

@deutrino One thing I found about the wiki is it has a heavy bias for European building layouts and language, which can be very confusing for mappers in the US. :/

@faoluin yeah, I was wondering if detached houses with basements in Europe do the 'teeny windows at the top of a wall sticking 2 feet out of the dirt' thing like many American homes have

@deutrino I think it will be ok doing like you wrote above. For those cases where you feel to uncertain, I'm pretty sure you can skip that quest by just answering "Can't say".
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